The sharing connection

We learn a great deal through our interactions with each other. As we follow our own path and fulfil our own audacious dreams, we learn many lessons along the way. By sharing our stories, our journey and understandings with others, we not only form a stronger community but we enlighten those [...]

Story Time

Stories, stories, so many to tell! August was such a joyful month, I was invited to share some of my favourite stories with incredible children at a number of story time events. I had so much fun, dancing, playing music and yodelling as we read amazing books (I am hoping the children had fun too!).

Make a wish

Who doesn’t like a birthday? I love the month of July because it is filled with birthdays, including my own. I have always enjoyed the ritual of birthdays. My friends often laugh at how excited I get to celebrate becoming another year older (and wiser…I hope). Birthdays offer an opportunity for [...]

A South African Jol

Rhinos and Zebras and Giraffes, Oh My! Last month we journeyed to South Africa! The homeland of my husband and one of the most beautiful destinations in the world (yes, I could be slightly biased). South Africa, as a country, has always fascinated me. It has breath taking landscapes, the [...]


Phew! I feel like I have just run a marathon. It has been one of the most demanding months I have faced in awhile. The month of May was filled with pressure, expectations and what constantly felt like an uphill battle. However, with every grueling month comes the potential for great growth and [...]

Change of Season

Summer, autumn, winter, spring, there is a beauty that each season brings. Experiencing the change of seasons and being able to witness the exquisite transformation that occurs at the cusp of these shifts, is spectacular. Autumn and spring time have always been my favourite seasons, for this [...]

Work hard in silence…

The sound of silence is truly powerful. Having a moment to be still in the quiet can be a catalyst for great ideas and helps rejuvenate our mind and body. It is an energy force that once tapped into can unleash outstanding results. Silence is golden. In an active household with a two-year-old [...]

Magic behind library walls

Libraries are enchanting. As soon as you slip behind their doors you walk into a world that has no limitations. You feel a sense of comfort as the knowledge that surrounds you brings with it tranquility. They inspire imagination, exploration and consideration. Libraries build and nurture [...]

Just the beginning…

A new year creates the opportunity for a fresh start. It radiates an invigorated energy and motivates bigger dreams. As we board 2017 I can’t help but get a little excited for what is to come. It is an unwritten chapter with endless possibilities. I delight in the knowledge that there are new [...]

‘Tis the Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love the magic that surrounds this season. The hope, the joy and the miracles Christmas brings makes it truly the most wonderful time of the year. Our family has many Christmas traditions, from reading [...]