At the end of last year I was fortunate to receive the Anne Edgeworth Fellowship from the ACT Writers Centre and Anne’s family. During the month of August, as part of the Fellowship, I embarked on a trip to Los Angeles (LA) and Hawaii. This trip left me tingling with inspiration. It was such a

It’s time…

July is a month of balloons, cake and candles in our house. Both my dad and I share our birthdays in July and several of my friends do too. A month of celebration! This month also saw Charlie arrive at my door. Being able to hold my second book in my hands was such a

Just say yes!

When it comes to my writing I have done my very best to seize every opportunity that presents itself to me, even if the opportunity is so far out of my comfort zone. Embracing these moments have led to other opportunities and have paved the way on my author path. Although I still find myself

Mind, Body & Spirit

I am often reminded by friends and family that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Despite their constant reminder you will often find me buried in to-do lists and running from one appointment to the next as I try to be everything to everyone, including myself. I am guilty of over [...]

The first time

*On a cold winter night in Canberra, I was asked by the ACT Writers Centre to share my story at their Winter Warmer event. An evening all about first times.*   As we journey through life we encounter a number of ‘first times.’ Being a mum for the first time and seeing my daughter grow,

Stop, reflect & celebrate

For me, the month of April, much like the month of July, is filled with moments to celebrate. April is the birthday month of my gorgeous mum and several of my gorgeous friends. This year, April not only gave me the opportunity to celebrate those dearest to me, but it also gave me a chance

Try something new

Last year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to try something new each month. I was pretty good at sticking to this resolution until mid-year. By that stage I found myself getting caught up in the day-to-day and my something ‘new’ ended up being watching a different cartoon with my [...]

28 Days

February is a truly unique month. It is the shortest month of the year and when it is not a leap year, it has four, complete, full weeks. February is also the month of love, with Valentine’s Day celebrated within it. February is very distinctive, it embraces difference and for me, a girl who always

A new start

A New Year, a fresh page, a clean slate. 2018 holds so much promise. I am filled with enthusiasm for what the next twelve months may bring. It is time to dust myself off and sprint ahead. As much as I was hoping to ease into 2018, the month of January has not been without

A year in review

We made it! As I entered the month of December I couldn’t help but feel relieved. The end of the year was well and truly upon us. As we decorated our house for my favourite holiday, Christmas, I felt excitement sweep over my entire home. My loved ones and I were enveloped by Christmas cheer.