Looking Back

December is one of my favourite months of the year. I love the closure that the month brings. Aside from getting ready for the festive season, I spent most of this month reflecting on the year, and in this case, the decade that was. During December, I dedicated a substantial amount of time to goal

New Tribe, New Vibe

At my talks and workshops you’ll often hear me say how important it is to find your tribe. I have been fortunate to meet some incredible individuals on my writing journey who have aided me in pursuing my dreams. Over the past few years, I have been involved in many writing communities. Being [...]


October was a month of service. As much as writing is an innate part of me and something I am compelled to do, what I have found remarkable about this dream of being an author is the immense opportunities it presents to be of service to others. Over the past month I found myself constantly

Down Time

August was a demanding month and as September approached I was craving some down time. I intentionally shifted my focus to rest and recovery. Family time was my priority and I did all I could to savour every precious moment I spent with my husband and children. Although the tremors of August [...]


August was an epic month! I was shoved even further out of my comfort zone and forced to put myself out there in massive ways. Each and every weekend I had an event, whether it was book related or family related, they were big! At the beginning of the month my family and I travelled


I love celebrating my birthday. I love turning another year older and hopefully becoming a little wiser. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, July is a month filled with birthdays. Both my dad and I share our birthdays in July along with a number of my friends. Although I enjoy all the [...]


Let me start this blog post with a disclaimer. I am currently nursing a newborn. I have had approximately four hours sleep in 48 hours. My four-year old daughter is having a Disney dance party in our living room at this precise moment – I have heard ‘Let  It Go’ fifteen times in a row.


I have always felt connected to the month of May. There is something about this month that fills me with happiness and hope. My husband and I got married in May. We chose the month as one of our favourite seasons is autumn. Canberra is truly spectacular in autumn. Our wedding was a reflection of


Entering the month of April, I approached my last month of pregnancy and I was officially in the nesting stage. I spent the month sprucing our home for the arrival of our second (or third, if you count our beagle, Sherlock) baby. Amidst all the tidying, cleaning, decluttering and redecorating I [...]

Stepping Out

After a few months in hibernation enthusiastically crafting new stories, I marched out in March (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). From Instagram challenges to story time sessions to book launches and creative masterclasses, I was out and about. March kept me on my toes. It was an eventful month. [...]