As if by magic

Oh my goodness how is it the end of May already? This year is flying by, but I feel I’m slowing down enough to enjoy every moment of it. 2023 has been such an incredible year so far. It has definitely brought me the relief I needed from a challenging two to three years. A

Chasing dreams

Oh my goodness, I haven’t written a blog post for quite some time, and looking back on my last post I was hoping I would get better at being more consistent. Oh well, there’s always 2023. I’ll have to add writing regular blog posts to my list of New Year’s resolutions. Anyway, what have I

Where have you been?

I know….I’m very late with my blog post! It’s mid-June and I am only now about to share with you what kept me occupied during the months of March and April. Hopeless! The truth is I needed some quiet time to put my head down and write! I felt pulled to create. Every week I


Making space for my creative ventures is a priority for me this year. As mentioned in my previous blog post, 2021 was a challenging year and it unfortunately pulled me away from my creative projects. During January and February I found my way back to writing, drawing and dancing again and gosh [...]

Let your heart be light

The end of the year is finally here and I cannot be more happy! 2021 has been a difficult year, probably one of the hardest I have faced. It has been a year of constant lessons, battles and growth. This year forced me to neglect my creativity (unfortunately there was no room to write or


During the months of September and October, I felt I had been given the opportunity to reflect and reset. I was drawn to establish new habits, creating more space for my family, writing and wellbeing. I was extra diligent with my personal routines of journaling, meditating and exercising. As [...]


August was an uplifting month. In terms of my creativity, the positives of the last few weeks of July (see previous blog post) inspired me to reprioritise and make space for my writing projects. I spent a lot of August refining my work in progress and reaching out to others for feedback to [...]


My favourite saying is “after every storm if you look hard enough a rainbow appears,” it could be because I am an eternal optimist, or it could be my love for Mariah Carey – this is one of her quotes. June and July were stormy, stormy months. I was caught in a downpour of unpleasant

The Juggle

A colleague of mine once said, ‘you can have it all, just not all at the same time.’ The highly impatient individual I am took these words as a challenge and decided to have a baby, write a series of books and complete a Masters degree, all at the same time. As much as I