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February – March 2024 

Last weekend I put myself out there 💫 I took a chance, got brave & attended a writing bootcamp. My first ever! I chose to work with an editor I knew would push me as a writer. Someone who works at a publishing house that produces some of my favourite contemporary books. I was so nervous going in. Sharing my work in progress with not only an editor but fellow authors I had never really met before. My work in progress was also in a genre I have never really written in before. By the end of the day I was over the moon with the feedback I was given & the encouragement to keep on writing. I have been given such clear direction to keep moving forward & above all I felt myself light up learning & growing. What a day it was! 🌟 Thank you to the CYA Conference team for the opportunity to deepen my writing. And a huge thank you to my fellow authors who showed their support as I put myself out there. Keep chasing those dreams & keep showing up💛

I’ve been busy writing the past couple of months! And, what do you find next to me when I write? Click the link below:

A bit of fun


December 2023 – January 2024

Spent the festive season in magical Sri Lanka, reuniting with family we haven’t been able to see in years. This trip was truly what we all needed. It was oh so inspiring & oh so uplifting ❤️ My heart is full & I feel so ready for this sparkly New Year ❤️ Wishing you all a year full of joy, laughter & unforgettable memories. Click the link to see some photos from our trip:

Photos from Sri Lanka


November 2023

So lovely to see the Aussie Kids series longlisted in the Taco Awards! 🥳😃🌮 📚
Having a book apart of this series was such a dream come true 🌟 Working with the incredible Penguin Books Australia team & the super talented Tania McCartney who brought Matilda to life through her gorgeous illustrations! Such a thrill 💕
We’ve read each book in the series (over & over again) & we love how unique each story is. We love having Aussie Adventures with the Aussie Kids. We hope you do too.

October 2023

Never give up 🌟 Next stage of editing the SIX new books I have in the works with the fabulous team at Wombat Books ….So exciting & beyond grateful…another pinch me magical moment💕👩🏽‍💻
Never give up on your big audacious dreams. You never know when they are about to come true ✨ Be brave, follow what lights you up & dream BIG!
I can’t wait to share these stories with you 💕


September 2023

Super excited to be offering more creative coaching sessions in 2024 👩🏽‍💻💫 If you need some extra support to bring your creative ideas to life please reach out (Email
I would love to help you 🌟
In 2024 I’ll also be offering:
📚Author Visits – Virtual & in person
📝Creative Networking & Learning Events – The Story Creators Community will be returning 😃
🌟Junior Fiction Book Coaching – If there’s a story brewing inside of you, I would be happy to share my personal experience as a children’s author with you & assist you on your creative writing journey.
Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more on my offerings for 2024. If you want to be the first to know the details please reach out & I’ll add you to my creative coaching mailing list 💌
You’re also welcome to visit my website
Looking forward to working with you in 2024

August 2023

Magical moment 🌟 When you get to share illustration sketches of your new character with the one who empowered you to chase your dreams ✨ I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my little girl & her constant encouragement. I’m so proud of her and grateful for her big heart 🩷 Her courage inspires me to be courageous. To feel the fear and do it anyway 💕I was so excited to share such a special moment with her. Can’t wait to see more illustrations soon & thrilled to see the character I’ve been writing all this time come to life…so grateful for illustrators…they just get it…magic ⭐️

July 2023

A magical night at the ACT Notable Book of the Year Awards presented by @marionwriters 🌟📚 Enjoyed every moment with my plus one 💕 Beyond grateful to co-present the Children’s Book of the Year category alongside my daughter 💕😊 A memory we will treasure in addition to meeting some of our all time favourite creators 💕 A huge thank you to the @marionwriters team for a beautiful evening 💫
Congratulations to all those on the shortlist & the winner.

Magical mail 📬💌📫 A huge thank you to @starofthesea_merrimac for the beautiful pictures & thoughtful letter📝 Looking forward to replying soon 😊 My heart is full

Had a fabulous time at the National Museum of Australia yesterday Thank you to everyone who came along. Thank you to the beautiful team at the Tim & Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre. Such an incredible space to explore. So grateful for the opportunity.

June 2023

Thank you @abccanberra for having me on air today to share my book recommendations & what I’ve been up to with my writing📚🎙️📻 I always get nervous going on radio but love to feel the fear and do it anyway 😉 It always ends up being such a fun & joyful experience 😊 So grateful for the opportunity

Magical moment 🌟🌈 Was surprised to receive this beautiful review of Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa 🇿🇦 This special note means so much to me💕Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my stories & to @elzettebest I’m so happy this book was able to transport you back to lekker times in South Africa.




May 2023

📣Magical news 🌟 Super excited to share I’ve got six books in the works with the fabulous team @wombat_books Stay tuned for updates! Can’t wait to share these books with you 💕
💕Keep chasing your dreams you just might catch them.
So grateful to @indigobaygifting for including me in the Inspiring Women Revisited series 💫
The beautiful words @indigobaygifting has shared about my mum in this article makes being featured even more special 💕 She definitely inspires me!
So, so grateful 💕
Visit the @indigobaygifting website to read the article.

April 2023

Delighted to represent the @marionwriters board with the lovely Samantha Faulkner at the @artsact_ 2022 ACT Book of the Year Awards. Congratulations to the winners & all those who entered. Lots of incredible books to read!📚
Thank you to Libraries ACT for hosting the event.

March 2023

Super excited to be part of the Author Pen Pals program. 📝I adore connecting with schools & encouraging children to read, write, create & dream big! 💕This is going to be so much fun! 📬 📚

January-February 2023

Magical news 🌟 Super excited to announce I have an agent! Thrilled to be represented by the wonderful Beyond Words Literary Agency So looking forward to this adventure

December 2022

Had a wonderful time @bookfairaus 📚 So lovely to connect with readers, writers & creatives. Thank you to everyone who came & said hello 😊
Loved spending time with dear author friends @sandrabennettauthor and @karen_hendriks_author too 💕

November 2022

Lots of fun & laughter at the re-launch of ACT Writers – MARION 🌟So excited for this new chapter📚 Huge congratulations to the @marionwriters team on creating an inclusive & inspiring community 📝👩🏽‍💻Check out the fabulous Writers Gin too – a tasty collaboration from @marionwriters and Ladbroken Distilling Co.

August – October 2022

Over the coming months I’ll be sharing my stories at festivals & events around the country. I’ll post details of where I’ll be shortly. Stay tuned 😊 Can’t wait! If you would like me to visit your school, child care centre, bookshop, library or event please feel free to contact me or visit the website.

July 2022

A fabulous night @actwriters Notable Awards 🌟
Lovely to celebrate local creators ✨
So nice to catch up with the Canberra writing community 💕
Thank you to the @actwriters team for such a beautiful evening 🌟

June 2022

A huge thank you to @abccanberra for having me on the air to discuss all things books & community 🎙📚

April 2022

A lovely day @goulburnlibrary Book Fest 2022 📚

March 2022

Delighted to see the Aussie Kids series featured on this wonderful list

The Best Australian Children’s Books 📚

November-December 2021

Thank you ACT Writers for including Aussie Kids Meet Matilda at the Festival on the ‘Focus On’ kids list 💜

September-October 2021

A huge thank you to ABC Canberra for having me on the air to highlight how books can play an important role in learning more about the world 🗺 🌎 🧳 ✈️

July-August 2021

I attended a fabulous virtual writing conference, mingled with inspiring creators & met some incredible publishers.
I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had last weekend. The experience was so uplifting. I feel energised from conquering my own fears, witnessing doors opening & hearing words of encouragement that’ll keep me forging ahead 💫
A huge thank you to the Kidlitvic- team, volunteers, publishers, writing community & presenters for such a wonderful conference. I gained so much. Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge & helping me grow as an author👩🏽‍💻

May-June 2021

Delighted to have my latest work in progress shortlisted in the CYA All Stars Competition 📝
This is such a highlight for me & just what I needed 💛 I’m so grateful.
It’s time to feel the fear & do it anyway! 😊
Are you an aspiring creative? Are you looking for an inclusive network & nurturing space to hone your craft?
If you are in need of a little guidance & support I invite you to follow the Story Creators Community 💫
We are here to help! 🌟 👩🏽‍💻🧑🏼‍🎨💃🏻🧵🧶

March-April 2021

Delighted to be elected to the ACT Writers Centre Board.
Such a wonderful organisation that is constantly supporting writers in the Canberra region.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist those in the arts community & advocate for creatives in the ACT.
If you’re not a member yet I highly recommend joining 🌟

Aussie Kids – Meet Matilda at the Festival Book Signing Harry Hartog ANU

January-February 2021

Overjoyed to hear this fabulous news! 🎉The Goulburn Mulwaree Library Mighty Playwrights Project received an Australia Day Award 🌟

A huge congratulations to all those involved in this incredible project, particularly the Goulburn Mulwaree Library, The Lieder Theatre, Greg Angus & the amazing young playwrights! How exciting 💕

December 2020

Thank you again to everyone who came along to celebrate the release of Aussie Kids: Meet Matilda at the Festival 🥳 This book is very dear to me & I’m beyond grateful to all those who have supported me throughout this chapter 💜 It was a lovely way to wrap up the year! A special thank you to Tania McCartney for joining in the celebrations! 💜

It has been a great privilege to be involved in the Mighty Playwrights Project through the Goulburn Mulwaree Library.

🌟 This project has been so dear to my heart 💗 I’m very proud of all the Mighty Playwrights & I want to thank the budding writers who I had the immense honour of mentoring – you’ve inspired me in so many ways & have taught me a great deal – I’ll treasure the fun times we had creating! 🌟 Thank you to all the families and the entire Goulburn community including The Lieder Theatre for bringing each script to life 🎥🎟 You can view the Mighty Playwrights documentary & each fabulous play through the Goulburn Library website…/WPAC/MIGHTYPLAYWRIGHTS

A huge thank you to ABC Canberra for having me on their drive program today. It was lovely to share some of my summer reading picks with a great panel📚📖🎙📻

November 2020

Come celebrate the launch of Aussie Kids – Meet Matilda at the Festival on Saturday 12 December! 🎈🥳 Looking forward to seeing you all. 💜 Please RSVP to by Wednesday 9 December as numbers are limited. A huge thank you to the National Capital Exhibition & the Canberra & Region Visitors Centre for hosting.

Having the opportunity to be a mentor as part of the Goulburn Mulwaree Library Mighty Playwrights Project was such a delight. I loved every single moment of this project & I can’t wait to see the fabulous creations of all the budding playwrights on film very soon! ❤️🍿🎬💫🌟 #dreambig

October 2020

Had so much fun during Book Week! Thank you to the schools that invited me in. I hope you all enjoyed meeting Matilda 💌🏮🎈& going on adventures with Charlie 🧳🛫🗺

September 2020

A huge thank you to Canberra Weekly for the opportunity to share all things Matilda! It has been exactly a year since Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa was featured in the Canberra Weekly 🌟 It was lovely being able to reflect back on this & how Meet Matilda at the Festival came to be written – fulfilling a dream whilst celebrating my home, Canberra 💕

Thank you Better Reading Kids for sharing the Meet Matilda at the Festival Activity Pack 💜 There’s lots of fun to be had! 🌟✏️✂️🖍 A special thanks to Tania McCartney and Penguin Kids Australia for putting this fabulous pack together 💕

Had a lovely time visiting the National Library of Australia
yesterday – one of my favourite places in #canberra
Thank you to the National Library Bookshop for making me feel so welcome.

I had so much fun signing some special copies of Meet Matilda at the Festival Thank you to The Canberra Times for featuring Aussie Kids – Meet Matilda at the Festival…

Spotted at our local BIG W 📚 Thank you to everyone who has been sending in pics of Matilda out & about 😊 Please keep them coming! 🌟

Had a wonderful morning celebrating & signing copies of Meet Matilda at the Festival with Tania McCartney A huge thank you to the team at Dymocks Canberra for having us 💜 Such a dream to be part of Puffin Books Aussie Kids series! Available at bookshops & online.

It has been so lovely sharing Matilda with you all 💜 Thank you for your generous support! 💕 A special thank you to those who have got their copies of Meet Matilda at the Festival. The book is available across the country. For more information visit Penguin Kids Australia…/aussie-kids-meet-matilda…
This has been a huge dream come true in so many ways 🌟 There’s more celebrations to come…please stay tuned!

When the postman delivers a dream come true…💫💜
Meet Matilda at the Festival will be available from 1 September at bookshops around the country & online. Matilda’s story is part of the fabulous Aussie Kids series from Puffin Books. A huge thank you to Tania McCartney for the gorgeous illustrations, bringing Matilda to life!

August 2020

So proud of the Mighty Playwrights! 🌟 I can’t wait to see the final documentary 🎬 One of the biggest highlights I’ve had as an author was the opportunity to mentor some budding young writers as part of the Goulburn Mulwaree Library Mighty Playwrights project. Every child has a story to tell & I’m so grateful I was able to be part of some of these stories 👩🏽‍💻📝 

July 2020

Delighted to be part of the Mighty Playwrights project through the Goulburn Mulwaree Library. So thrilled for the budding young writers I’ve had the privilege of mentoring 🌟

June 2020

Thank you to ABC Canberra for having me on air & Better Reading Kids for sharing 8 fabulous reasons to read the exciting Penguin Kids Australia Aussie Kids series. Can’t wait to introduce Matilda to you all soon. In the meantime I hope you check out the other wonderful stories in the series📚

May 2020

Spotted – new book cover and 8 fabulous reasons to explore the exciting

Penguin Random House

Aussie Kids series. Over the moon to be part of it, representing #Canberra with Tania McCartney

Can’t wait to introduce you to Matilda very soon. ic8vJfROX6eiOVmo2KnECf7c5trF6XTUIp6G3NfrzCyb2SDjsvHd3c

April 2020

Have you met Zoe & Zac? We are absolutely smitten with the first book in the Puffin Books Aussie Kids series by one of our favourite authors @belinda_murrell with gorgeous illustrations from David Hardy 🧡 We are looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series & I can’t wait to introduce you all to Matilda from Canberra very soon 💜#aussiekids #penguinbooksaus #deroseahernstories #zoo #dubbo #canberra #childrensbooks #dreamsdocometrue #australia

Look what just arrived from #newyork Honoured to win an International Book Excellence Award. Love seeing the Charlie’s Adventures… books connecting children around the world. So, so grateful 💕 📚🌏

March 2020

Magical moment 🌟 Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa has won an international award! To be recognised along side authors who have been featured in Forbes, the New York Times, Huffington Post & Wall Street Journal is mind blowing!  I’m beyond grateful ❤️

February 2020

Looking forward to Goulburn BookFest 2020! It has been an absolute honour to be one of the mentor’s in the Mighty Playwrights program. Can’t wait to share the amazing short plays our talented students have created 🌟

I’m so excited to be part of a very special new series of books entitled Aussie Kids! It has been a dream come true to work with the incredible team at Penguin Kids Australia & the fabulous Tania McCartney. A huge thank you to Tania for her gorgeous illustrations & Puffin Books for bringing Matilda to life 💗

A massive dream come true!

Can’t wait to share more with you all over the coming months 🌟🐧

Had a lovely time at our first Story Creators Community event for 2020! We shared our creative goals & reflected on our creative experiences so far. If you missed the event I have put together a free printable to help guide you in setting some goals for the year. Visit the free goodies page💫📝📒

January 2020

It’s time to take a break. We’ve all had a challenging start to this year with the horrific bushfires. Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected. We send love to our dear friends.

December 2019

Merry Christmas from the Story Creators Community 🎄 Today we made some exciting plans for 2020. Stay tuned to learn how we can help you in reaching your creative goals 🌟

A snazzy night at the @actwriters Publishing Awards 🌟 Congratulations to all the winners & those who entered. It was an honour to be a judge this year.

All set for a day of mentoring. Love being able to give back & share my knowledge with others – especially during the Christmas season. I hope those I meet today are inspired to follow their dreams🌟

November 2019

Had a fabulous evening hearing from ‘multi-passionate entrepreneur’ @marieforleo. Thank you to @businesschicks for hosting such an inspiring event & Kerry Malone for sharing the evening with me 💫

Had a wonderful time getting to know some lovely aspiring creatives at our last Story Creators Community event for the year! Can’t wait for all we have planned for 2020 ⭐️ A huge thank you to the fabulous Story Creators Community team! 💫

October 2019

I’m so humbled to be included in the Indigo Bay Inspiring Women series 💫

Full interview can be found on…/inspiring-women-jacqueline-de-ro… 🌟

We had a lovely time at Tuggeranong library.

Thank you to those who came along. We really hope you found the session useful.

Our next Story Creators Community event in Canberra will be at the Woden library. Details can be found on the Story Creators Community website. 💫

Woohoo! We are embarking on another adventure! 💫 I am so excited to share with you a little project I have been working on with some fabulous creators. If you are an aspiring creative please have a look at our new page – Story Creators Community – and hopefully we can help you bring your dreams to fruition. 🌟

September 2019

Delighted & oh so grateful to be able to share my favourite things in this week’s edition of Canberra Weekly 💕🌟

Story Creators Community – Another lovely author talk over the weekend at our first Story Creators Community event. Thrilled to be able to support our community by assisting creatives to pursue their dreams. Beyond grateful to see a vision I had many months/years ago come to fruition. Thank you to Kerry Malone and Sandra Bennett for joining me on this journey. Thank you to Libraries ACT for hosting us over the next months.

Such a fabulous night talking children’s books & sharing my journey 💫 Thank you to the lovely group of creatives who came along. I hope you all enjoyed the workshop. Thank you to Libraries ACT for hosting me and the ACT Writers Centre for the opportunity.

August 2019

Mahalo to those who came along to Sunday Funday at the Canberra Writers Festival I had so much fun sharing stories & dancing with you all. It was a lekker afternoon at the National Library of Australia.

A huge thank you to Canberra Weekly for featuring me in this week’s edition

Love your Bookshop Day – Thank you to Harry Hartog Woden for inviting me to be part of a very special Love Your Bookshop Day local author event.

July 2019

Magic 💫 Woke up to some wonderful news! Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa has been shortlisted for the 2019 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards. It’s a true honour to make this incredible list. 🎈

June 2019

First breakfast meeting since our little man’s arrival 👶So excited for what’s to come! 💫

May 2019

The most magical moment  I am beyond grateful to be working with the incredible team at Penguin Kids Australia on an upcoming title! Dreams really do come true! 💫

April 2019

Waiting for the arrival of baby #2. Time to rest! This is where you will find me for the next little while.

Thrilled to be part of a very special series of workshops at the National Museum of Australia.

March 2019

Had a wonderful time sharing Charlie’s Adventures…at the Queanbeyan Multicultural Festival. Thank you to the Queanbeyan Library & event organisers for inviting me!

February 2019

Love seeing the Charlie’s Adventures…books being used in classrooms. These books were created to showcase the beauty found in each & every country around the world 🌎 Teachers’ notes are available on the de Rose-Ahern Stories website 📝Thank you to Educate.Empower for this gorgeous photograph & for the support! ♥️

January 2019

This month I participated in a 30 day social media challenge (thanks to a wonderful author, Michelle Worthingon). Highlights from my social media posts can be found below or visit de Rose-Ahern Stories on Facebook and Instagram.

So excited to welcome a New Year! 🥳 A fresh start filled with new adventures to be had 💫 Looking forward to enjoying every minute of this journey, completely & wholeheartedly. Wishing you all a fabulous 2019. The best is yet to come! 💜

What are you reading? 📖 One of my favourite things to do in the morning, whilst the rest of my family is nestled in bed sleeping, is to read a good book ☀️ It’s a moment of stillness to rejuvenate & nourish my mind before I go about my day. I was lucky to receive some wonderful books this Christmas, time to settle in & peruse the pages ✨


December 2018

A delightful morning with Kerry Malone at a Christmas book signing event. Thank you Book Passion for having us!

Had the chance to present some Charlie’s Adventures… prizes at a special school assembly to some very creative students!

November 2018

School Fete’s are so much fun! Thank you to the beautiful school community for inviting me to be part of such a fun-filled Fete!

October 2018

Had such a lovely afternoon talking about authenticity & voice with year 9 & 10 students at a special writers retreat. One of my favourite parts of being an author is having the chance to share what I have learned so far & help others. So grateful for this opportunity ✨

September 2018

Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa blog tour!

Share your Story Interview

Book Reviews – Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa

Charlie’s Adventures by Jacqueline De Rose-Ahern and illustrated by Sophie Norsa.

Just Write For Kids – Books On Tour – Blog Tour: Charlie’s Adventures in South Africa by Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern and Illustrated by Sophie Norsa

An interview with Charlie

An interview with Readilearn

Inspired by the world – A reflection article

Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern Inspired by the World

August 2018

Photos from the Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa book launch as part of the Canberra Writers Festival at the National Museum of Australia.

Wear your Wellington boots and come celebrate the launch of Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa at the Canberra Writers Festival.

Mahalo to the lovely team at Native Books/ Na Mea Hawaii for hosting my book signing. If you are in Oahu, visiting this beautiful shop is a must. You may spot Charlie there too! Here are some photos from the event 🌺🌎

A magical day Today I had the opportunity to share Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii with a beautiful audience in Hilo, Hawaii. Mahalo to the lovely team at Basically Books for hosting me & to all those who came & showed me the aloha spirit 🌺💕📚

Beyond grateful to be able to attend the SCBWI conference in Los Angeles! 🛫🌎🌟Such a remarkable experience meeting creators from around the world 🌍 A warm, welcoming and knowledgeable community. This experience has taught me so much! I’m beyond grateful. Here are some photos from our adventures. #la18scbwi

Highlights include sharing Charlie’s Adventures… with authors and illustrators from around the world, including South Africa, and meeting the lovely Alexandra Penfold!

Charlie and I are off on a book tour! We will be traveling to Los Angeles and Hawaii. Follow our adventures on the Facebook page and Instagram.

Thrilled to announce Charlie’s Adventures in South Africa will be launched as part of the Canberra Writers Festival on Saturday 25 August at the National Museum of Australia. Hope to see you there! #cbrwritersfest

July 2018

Had such a lovely evening! Thank you to the Children’s Book Council of Australia ACT Branch for inviting me to speak at the Romancing the stars event. It was so nice to hear the journey of other authors in the Canberra community 🌟

June 2018

NSW Writers Centre Kids & YA Festival

A magical weekend at the New South Wales Writers’ Centre Kids & YA Festival! A delight to meet two very inspiring & generous superstars Jacqueline Harvey & Belinda Murrell. A huge thank you to Belinda for inviting me to share my story as part of the Festival & Writing NSW for hosting this incredible event. Beaming from such a joyous weekend meeting such lovely writers from the NSW community. Thank you to Kerry Malone for joining me on this adventure & Little Steps Publishing for coming along to support me 🌟💫 #KYAFest18

ACT Writers Centre Winter Warmer!

We’ve got the perfect plans for your Friday night at our Winter Warmer! Join us Friday 15 June, for a sneak peek and live recording of ‘The First Time’ podcast with Katherine Collette and Kate Mildenhall, featuring Canberra authors Jack Heath, Karen Viggers and Irma Gold.

Then, settle in for a one-night-only talk from the curator and artists of Canberra Contemporary Art Space’s Obsessive Compulsion exhibitionincluding David Broker in conversation with local artists Jodie Cunningham, Michele England and Ann McMahon.

Of course, the evening’s highlights will also include a wine tasting with winemaker Celine Rousseau from Eden Road Wines, and readings from two of Canberra’s brightest: Rosanna Stevens and Jacqueline de Rose-Ahern.


May 2018

The big reveal! Thrilled to share the cover of Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa! 🇿🇦 Thank you to the team at Little Steps Publishing & Sophie Norsa for bringing Charlie’s next adventure to life  To preorder a copy visit There is also a special two pack available for those who haven’t yet got a copy of Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii or would like to share the aloha spirit with a friend 🇿🇦🌺

Had a wonderful time at Kidlitvic. Thank you to the incredible team (Alison Reynolds, Coral Vass, Nicky Johnston & Jacquelyn Muller) for organising such a special event. #KidLitVic2018

April 2018

Had a wonderful time at the SCBWI professional development evening! Thank you to the ACT team for inviting me to share my journey. It was such an inspiring evening! Special thanks to Nicole Godwin, Kerry Malone, Very Brambleberry, Tania McCartney, Irma Gold, Grace Bryant, Shaye Wardrop and Cate Whittle!

Creative Kids Tales introduction: Allison Tait

March 2018

Had such a wonderful day at the Goulburn Reader Writer Festival yesterday. Swapping books with the inspiring & generous Hazel Edwards was such a thrill. The little girl inside me who spent many days in the school library reading ‘There’s a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake’ was jumping for joy!

Creative Kids Tales introduction: Tim Harris


February 2018

  • Creative Kids Tales introduction: Claire Saxby

January 2018

  • Creative Kids Tales introduction: Peter Carnavas

December 2017

Dreams come true! Thank you to the ACT Writers Centre & judges

In the incredible company of Tania McCartney and Gina Newton.

  • Creative Kids Tales introduction: Bruce Whatley

November 2017

Awoke to magical news, Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii has been honoured as an Award Finalist in the 2017 Best Book Awards! With over 2,000 entries from around the world, it is astonishing to hear Charlie was chosen as one of the ‘best’. Congratulations to all the Award Winners & Finalists. A huge thank you to American Book Fest for the recognition.🎈

  • Creative Kids Tales introduction: Libby Hathorn

October 2017

When you get to spend the afternoon presenting awards to some very talented children (authors themselves) with the incredible Jackie French…another magical moment! It was so special to be part of the CBCA ACT Branch Make Your Own Story Book Awards event. Thank you to the team! 📚

Mahalo #kidsbookswelove for the lovely review of Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii 🌺🗺🛩…/charlies-adventures-in…

  • Creative Kids Tales introduction: Toby Riddle

September 2017

A wonderful morning sharing some classic stories with a delightful group of children at a special story time event. Thank you Harry Hartog Bookseller for having me. It was so much fun reading Wombat Stew a book that holds lots of memories for me growing up! 🎈📖 🐾 🎶

  • Creative Kids Tales Introduction:Gus Gordon


August 2017

Book Week 2017 ‘Escape to Everywhere’

Had a lovely morning celebrating Book Week 2017 Escape to Everywhere! It was wonderful to meet some amazing & insightful children. Mahalo to Harry Hartog Bookseller & Westfield Woden for including Charlie & I at this very special event

Escape to Everywhere (or to Westfield Woden)! Come along and join in the Book Week festivities from Monday 21 to Friday 25 August. Local authors will be sharing their favourite stories at a very special story time each day. Charlie and I will be bringing the aloha spirit on Tuesday 22 August at 10.30am and 4.00pm. Mahalo to the wonderful Harry Hartog Bookseller for hosting this fabulous event.

Charlie has been featured on the incredible American Book Fest website:

  • Creative Kids Tales Introduction: Margaret Wild


July 2017

  • Creative Kids Tales Introduction: Glenda Millard

June 2017

  • Wonderful to be part of this Pages for Changes giveaway, books to raise a global citizen!

  • Creative Kids Tales Introduction: Katrina Germein

May 2017

  • A delightful weekend at the Noted Festival. Thank you to the amazing event organisers & those who came along to support the Festival. It was wonderful to be involved in the ‘Words in Space‘ and ‘Story Corner‘ events. More photos available on the de Rose-Ahern Stories Facebook page.

April 2017

March 2017

  • Charlie was spotted in New York! Pages for Changes (one of my favourite sites) featured Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii this month. With the intent to help raise empathetic, worldly children, Pages for Changes is an amazing resource!

February 2017

  • Great photoshoot! Can you spot Charlie’s cameo? Thank you Little Steps Publishing.

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January 2017

  • Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii was featured as one of six books for Kid’s to read over the summer holidays. Thank you to HerCanberra and Elise Adamo.

 December 2016

  • A privilege to be invited to contribute to IT’S THE NOW. A useful and informative platform to inspire and educate those on their entrepreneurial quest.

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

  • It was a privilege to be part of the inaugural Canberra Writers Festival at the stunning National Museum of Australia (“where our stories come alive”). Thank you to those who came along to support Charlie. Mahalo to our beautiful hula dancers. More photos available on the de Rose-Ahern Stories Facebook page.

Book Week 2016

  • Charlie and I will be visiting schools around Canberra for Book Week 2016 Australia, Story Country. Details can be found on the visits  page.
  • Delighted to be part of the Children’s Book Council of Australia ACT Branch Book of the Year Awards celebrations at the National Library of Australia.

June 2016

    • Please join us to celebrate the launch of ‘Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii’ in luau style!
      • Date: Saturday 9 July 2016
      • Time: From 11am
      • Venue: Harry Hartog Westfield Woden.
        • Proceeds from book sales on the day will be donated to the Miracle Babies Foundation, Australia’s leading organisation supporting premature and sick newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them. For those of you who cannot attend the launch event, proceeds from book sales made on the de Rose-Ahern Stories website ( on Sunday 10 July and Monday 11 July will also be donated to the Miracle Babies Foundation. Grab your Hawaiian shirt, lei and ukulele and join Charlie on his first adventure!

  • ‘Charlie gets his big start in Hawaii’ – I recently shared all things Charlie with the wonderful team at Canberra City News. Check out the latest editon to find out more. Thank you to Canberra City News for this opportunity.