Down Time

August was a demanding month and as September approached I was craving some down time. I intentionally shifted my focus to rest and recovery. Family time was my priority and I did all I could to savour every precious moment I spent with my husband and children.

Although the tremors of August could be felt in the first few weeks of September I ensured the remainder of the month was as simple as possible.

I started the month by presenting a few writing workshops at my local library. The fabulous team at the ACT Writers Centre approached me to present a creative writing session as part of their Write Stuff program. It was lovely to share what I had learned so far with an eager group of writers.

September also saw the official launch of the Story Creators Community. A new venture I have embarked on with a talented group of creatives across the country. The Story Creators Community has been set-up to assist aspiring creatives on their journey. Through talks and workshops around the country we will provide support and insights into reaching your creative goals. Whether it be writing, illustrating, dancing or singing we are here to encourage you to share your unique story with the world.

The Story Creators Community is an initiative dear to my heart, it has been a long time coming and was created from personal experience. The more conversations I had with aspiring and emerging creatives, the more I found that finding your tribe and being around those who were always willing to lift you up and encourage you on, was an imperative resource. Creatives often work in isolation. We burry ourselves in our labours. The more I have strolled down my own creative path, the more I have noticed how vital it is to have someone to stroll beside me. Someone who will be there as an objective sounding board and someone who will always push you forward even if you want to turn around and flee back into your comfort zone.  I am blessed to have met some incredible creatives on my journey and I am delighted they have joined me as part of the Story Creators Community to help others on their path.

Over the next few months and well into the new year the Story Creators Community will be holding events as part of the Libraries ACT program of events. We have also got a great line-up in store for 2020 to assist those aspiring creatives living interstate. I will share more details on this soon.

Aside from writing workshops, this month I also appeared in a few issues of the Canberra Weekly. I was overjoyed to be included in this publication and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be interviewed.

Looking ahead to the month of October, I am hoping to find glimmers of downtime again. As the end of the year approaches the more I’m yearning for stillness and calm. Fingers crossed….


Delighted & oh so grateful to be able to share my favourite things in the Canberra Weekly. 

Story Creators Community – Another lovely author talk at our first Story Creators Community event. Thrilled to be able to support our community by assisting creatives to pursue their dreams. Beyond grateful to see a vision I had many months/years ago come to fruition. Thank you to Kerry Malone and Sandra Bennett for joining me on this journey. Thank you to Libraries ACT for hosting us over the next months.

Such a fabulous night talking children’s books & sharing my journey as part of the Write Stuff series.  Thank you to the lovely group of creatives who came along. I hope you all enjoyed the workshop. Thank you to Libraries ACT for hosting me and the ACT Writers Centre for the opportunity.

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