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In keeping with the 2020 theme, I have combined my blog posts for August and September.

The month of August conjured up many of the same emotions that I described in my very first blog post back in 2016.

It was a month where another dream came true for me. Possibly one of the biggest dreams I had ever set for myself all those years ago when I was in primary school.

I grew up reading many, many books. When I looked at my bookshelf most of the books I owned had a tiny little puffin on its spine. The authors I adored included Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis and L.M. Montgomery. All these great storytellers belonged to the Puffin family. It was at that point I wished and hoped one day I would write a book and on its spine there would be a little puffin. I always longed for this dream to eventuate, I just didn’t know if it would or how magical it would feel when it did come true.

Last year I received a massive Christmas miracle. In my inbox I found a beautiful message from the team at Penguin Random House Australia. I was presented with an incredible opportunity that I couldn’t believe was destined for me. I had to pinch myself over and over again.

Fast forward nearly a year later and with a supportive team by my side, I wrote a story so dear to my heart, a story that showcased my home and represented cherished parts of my life.

In late August, Meet Matilda at the Festival, arrived at my door. The book is part of the Puffin Books Aussie Kids series, a series that celebrates stories about children living in unique places in Australia. Like me, Matilda lives in Canberra. As I perused this book, holding back tears, I saw the little puffin on its spine – it was sheer magic.

I am well aware that this opportunity came my way thanks to a very kind person who believed in me. I am beyond grateful to that person. Having someone see the potential in you means the world, especially when you are a very shy, self-doubting individual.

September saw the official release of Matilda. I participated in a number of interviews and visited several bookshops to sign copies. It was time to put myself bravely out there again and I enjoyed every moment! I strongly believe that if you are living your purpose and doing what comes innately to you, obstacles move – you transform and every moment (even the ones you were afraid of) is joyful as you learn and grow.   

It was lovely being able to relish in the magic of this book and I also began to realise how lucky I am to have an encouraging network around me. I am so thankful for not only the opportunities I have been given over the years in my writing endeavours but also the people who are continuously cheering me on.

I am rather reserved and at times I have found that being the quiet, shy girl can be challenging, especially when you have a longing to be fearlessly creative and your goals require you to live outside your comfort zone – to command space – boldly and publicly. Having people reach out to me, showing me that they care and that they are applauding my sometimes shaky, timid steps towards my pursuits, has given me so much confidence to push through my own fears and keep striding. For this, I am truly thankful. For you (and all those shy girls out there), I will keep trying.   


A huge thank you to Canberra Weekly for the opportunity to share all things Matilda! It has been exactly a year since Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa was featured in the Canberra Weekly 🌟 It was lovely being able to reflect back on this & how Meet Matilda at the Festival came to be written – fulfilling a dream whilst celebrating my home, Canberra 💕https://canberraweekly.com.au/award-winning-author-tells-authentic-canberra-story/embed/#?secret=CJCokdTgdZ

Thank you Better Reading Kids for sharing the Meet Matilda at the Festival Activity Pack 💜 There’s lots of fun to be had! 🌟✏️✂️🖍 A special thanks to Tania McCartney and Penguin Kids Australia for putting this fabulous pack together 💕 https://www.betterreading.com.au/kids-ya/check-out-this-awesome-activity-pack-from-aussie-kids-meet-matilda-at-the-festival/embed/#?secret=M2lweZEVX4

Had a lovely time visiting the National Library of Australia
yesterday – one of my favourite places in #canberra
Thank you to the National Library Bookshop for making me feel so welcome.

I had so much fun signing some special copies of Meet Matilda at the Festival. Thank you to The Canberra Times for featuring Aussie Kids – Meet Matilda at the Festival

Spotted at our local BIG W – Thank you to everyone who has been sending in pics of Matilda out & about  Please keep them coming! 

Had a wonderful morning celebrating & signing copies of Meet Matilda at the Festival with Tania McCartney. A huge thank you to the team at Dymocks Canberra for having us.  Such a dream to be part of Puffin Books Aussie Kids series! Available at bookshops & online.

It has been so lovely sharing Matilda with you all. Thank you for your generous support! A special thank you to those who have got their copies of Meet Matilda at the Festival. The book is available across the country. For more information visit Penguin Kids Australia https://www.penguin.com.au/…/aussie-kids-meet-matilda…
This has been a huge dream come true in so many ways  There’s more celebrations to come…please stay tuned!

When the postman delivers a dream come true…
Meet Matilda at the Festival will be available from 1 September at bookshops around the country & online. Matilda’s story is part of the fabulous Aussie Kids series from Puffin Books. A huge thank you to Tania McCartney for the gorgeous illustrations, bringing Matilda to life!

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