January was all about dreaming BIG! As we moved into the month of February I was reminded that in order to fulfil your audacious dreams you also needed to trust. I have always been quite impatient, wanting to achieve my dreams, goals and aspirations now, in this very second. However, the more that I have tried to control situations in order to get to an outcome instantly, the more challenges I have had to face. Putting lots of energy and effort to force an immediate result that never truly turns out in the way that I have wanted it to, has left me disappointed and disheartened. Through my experience, the dreams I have faultlessly achieved have been those I didn’t manipulate or push. These dreams have turned out spectacularly and have enriched my life in ways that are unimaginable. They have pushed me forward and have caused me to evolve positively.

During the course of the last month, I had somehow managed to tie myself in knots putting unrealistic timeframes on the goals I had just set for myself in January. As mid-February approached I had expected to be much closer to achieving all my dreams. At this point I kept encountering signs that were urging me to let go and trust. I took some time out to journal, meditate and read. Giving myself moments to focus on self-reflection and self-care swiftly prompted me to stop struggling against the tide of life but rather to drift with it. Believing that things will work out and my wishes will be granted eventually, finally gave me the comfort I needed. Instead of checking my emails and phone constantly to see if my dream life had sent me a message, I had fun creating, laughing with my family and relishing in the bliss. Of course I know you have to put in the work to achieve your goals but I also know that no one is ever really an overnight success. It takes time to get to where you may want to be.

In August last year, I attended the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference in Los Angeles (another dream that came true without the use of force!), at this incredible conference one of the first quotes I wrote down was “take the pace of nature,” we don’t anticipate flowers to bloom as soon as we plant a seed. Why do we demand so much from ourselves? I have tried hard to keep this mantra front and center but there are times I do waver. Coming back to this quote in February has helped me let go of what and where I think I should be. It has allowed me to celebrate where I have been and appreciate the present. Trusting has also enabled me to unleash my creativity even further. I managed to finish two new stories by simply letting go and letting the words flow.

By taking time to nurture myself I now wholeheartedly believe in my BIG dreams and am slowly and steadily working towards them. I have given myself an opportunity to learn, to grow and stretch myself without any stipulations. I know that I will get to where I want to be. Step by step, day by day, I am moving ahead. I now realise there is no need to rush. After all it’s only February!


Love seeing the Charlie’s Adventures…books being used in classrooms. These books were created to showcase the beauty found in each & every country around the world 🌎 Teachers’ notes are available on the de Rose-Ahern Stories website 📝 Thank you to Educate.Empower for this gorgeous photograph & for the support! ♥️

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