A new start

A New Year, a fresh page, a clean slate. 2018 holds so much promise. I am filled with enthusiasm for what the next twelve months may bring. It is time to dust myself off and sprint ahead.

As much as I was hoping to ease into 2018, the month of January has not been without its demands. On the 1st of January, my family received some devastating news. It wasn’t a great start to the New Year but for my family and I, it definitely put the beauty and precious gift of life into perspective. Anyone who has seen the incredible Pixar movie, Inside Out, I am sure understands the role of sadness.

Although the month of January required a lot of emotional processing, it provided space to reminisce, to dream, to wish and set goals for the months to follow. In a way, the rocky start to 2018, was exactly what the month of January, in my mind, is intended for. For me, January is a time to regroup the year that was and set concrete goals and aspirations for the months to follow. It is a time to press the reset button and attempt to create another magnificent year of growth, understanding and improvement.

In regards to my writing journey, January has fuelled my passion for writing. The past year, I found it challenging to devote time to writing, as I was busily working on finishing my Masters degree. Having completed my degree, I now have the time and energy to indulge my love for writing. Each weekend I have been diligently meeting a friend and a fellow author, at the National Library of Australia, for an afternoon of writing. I have managed to workshop a number of ideas, formulating and crafting them into stories. I take great delight in our writing afternoons and I am thrilled with the stories I have managed to shape. I already feel I have achieved and learned so much in just one month.

On another exciting note, the second instalment of ‘Charlie’s Adventures…’ is well and truly on its way to fruition. The incredible team at Little Steps Publishing and the very talented, Sophie Norsa, have been working hard on getting the next book in the series out into the world. I cannot wait to share the next of Charlie’s Adventures…with you all.

As we move into February, I am looking forward to keeping some of my New Year’s resolutions, particularly the ones to do with my writing. I cannot help but write. My heart compels me to write. There have been times this month (when fear has taken over—again for those who haven’t seen Inside Out, please do yourself the favour) that I have questioned my audacious dream, to be an author, but I can’t let it go. I am going to be brave, daring and courageous (all the characteristics I am trying to nurture in my daughter) and continue to take steps to achieve as much as I can. The road before me is testing and obscure but I have to keep going, after all I do love adventures!

Wishing you all a magical and adventurous 2018!


Our 2018 family adventure jar 💕 Can’t wait to find out what it has in store for us. Thank you to (Aunty) Carlie for setting exciting adventures for us this year ✨

Where in the world is Charlie?

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