28 Days

February is a truly unique month. It is the shortest month of the year and when it is not a leap year, it has four, complete, full weeks. February is also the month of love, with Valentine’s Day celebrated within it. February is very distinctive, it embraces difference and for me, a girl who always wants to blend in, that is very inspiring!

This year, February’s 28 days gave me four weeks to reset and rejuvenate after a challenging January. February filled me with a new energy, I too began to embrace my individuality and independence. There was a freedom that came through the month of February, I felt I could forge ahead on my own terms. I spent much of the month allowing myself to indulge my passions, I focused inward and welcomed time alone or simply with my family.

February has been very kind to me. It has opened doors, given me opportunities to grow and has somewhat put me back on track, my track. Being in your own energy allows miracles to eventuate and February has certainly been a month of miracles.

The month of February has seen the next instalment in Charlie’s Adventures… flourish. I am truly happy with what the team at Little Steps, Sophie Norsa and I have created. I feel excited to be able to share this book with the world. This book has taught me so much, the process has been full of learning, it has stretched me to my limits and I am so glad it has!

I have also been invited to present at a number of Children’s literature events across Australia in the next couple of months. Being asked to attend these events and share with other authors and illustrators what I have learned so far, is unbelievable! The de Rose-Ahern Stories journey only began in 2016. Sometimes I feel I should be so far ahead, I can be very unkind to myself, expecting and demanding more! Thanks to the month of February, I have had 28 days to be kind to myself and to truly acknowledge and be grateful for all I have received, learnt and grown. The month of love has left my heart full!


Where in the world is Charlie? Looking forward to sharing Charlie’s next adventure with you all 🗺

Love spotting Charlie out in the town!




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