As if by magic

Oh my goodness how is it the end of May already?

This year is flying by, but I feel I’m slowing down enough to enjoy every moment of it. 2023 has been such an incredible year so far. It has definitely brought me the relief I needed from a challenging two to three years. A lot of the relief has come from a change in mindset, I’ve grown a lot from facing those challenging moments. I feel more balanced, I feel more aligned, and I am all about flow now, just taking things day by day and knowing that everything will work out in the way it is meant to. All I need to do is just be me and do more of what lights me up. 

February was when the change in mindset really kicked in, I was writing purely for fun again and enjoying being with my family and friends. As I let go and delighted in having fun, I was contacted by Fiona, a literary agent I had pitched to a few months back. It was pure magic. When speaking to Fiona for the first time I could feel a pull toward her. Our values and purpose seemed to align so harmoniously. She got me! She got what I wanted to bring forth and she seemed to be on a very similar mission herself. It was meant to be. I cannot believe I have an agent now. I keep pinching myself. Such a dream come true. The best part is I feel I am not alone navigating this path anymore. I have someone who is walking beside me, someone I can bounce ideas off, someone who is advocating for me, keeping me accountable to reach my dreams and cheering for me. Writing can be very lonely and when you finally have someone who wants to help you bring your dreams to life it really is magic. I am so grateful!

March was a very spontaneous month, I was sent to Cambodia on work (my non writing job). It was lovely to be able to travel again. I met some incredible and inspiring individuals on my trip. Travel always lights me up and I learn so much about myself and others on my adventures. Again, I’m so grateful I had this opportunity. The trip seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was so meant to be. 

As April rolled around the universe gifted me another magical moment. I was contacted by the fabulous team at Wombat Books and in May I was given the green light to officially share that I’ve got six new books in the works with this wonderful team. An early reader series, I am so excited about. A huge dream come true. In fact, I actually had been wishing to work with Wombat Books for many years now and I can’t believe it is finally happening. 

May has brought about a new beginning in my non writing job too. I’ve switched teams and I’m thoroughly enjoying my new role. It’s revitalised my energy and I’m growing again. 

What most people don’t quite realise is there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. I am a mother, I am a wife, I have a non writing job that is rather intense, and I write around these other priorities in my life. I write because I LOVE IT! It is such an immense part of who I am. I write for the joy of it. I write to inspire others to chase their dreams. I write because it lights me up. I am deeply dedicated to developing my craft. This year, I have made a conscious effort to create space for my writing, every fortnight I catch up with my writing buddy and we spend a few hours together just writing and chatting all things books. I am grateful for my beautiful friend keeping me accountable. There are times I am exhausted, but I keep going. I feel these magical moments that have shown up for me in 2023 are a sign that I need to keep doing this, keeping fighting fear and keep creating. Writing is who I am and is what I’m meant to bring forth in this world. 

As we begin to enter the second half of the year, I cannot be more grateful for 2023. It has been pure magic. I am so, so grateful! Please keep chasing your dreams whatever they might be, because honestly you just might catch them.  


Magical news 🌟 Super excited to announce I have an agent! Thrilled to be represented by the wonderful Beyond Words Literary Agency So looking forward to this adventure

Escaping to the library with for some writing time 📝 Having so much fun brainstorming ideas, making progress on our stories & getting clear on our next steps 📔

Delighted to represent the @marionwriters board with the lovely Samantha Faulkner at the @artsact_ 2022 ACT Book of the Year Awards. Congratulations to the winners & all those who entered. Lots of incredible books to read!📚

Thank you to Libraries ACT for hosting the event. I had to peruse the children’s books while I was at the library…can’t help myself

A weekend with my bestie seeing the truly inspiring @gabbybernstein 🌟💫

Love that we used to travel together to see Justin Timberlake & Blink 182 in concert & now it’s all about getaways that enable us to dream big, rest & meditate 🧘🏻‍♀️😊

So grateful to @indigobaygifting for including me in the Inspiring Women Revisited series 💫

The beautiful words @indigobaygifting has shared about my mum in this article makes being featured even more special 💕 She definitely inspires me!

So, so grateful 💕

Visit the @indigobaygifting website to read the article.

📣Magical news 🌟 Super excited to share I’ve got six books in the works with the fabulous team @wombat_books Stay tuned for updates! Can’t wait to share these books with you 💕

💕Keep chasing your dreams you just might catch them.

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  • Marnie

    Congratulations Jacqueline! I am so happy and excited for you. And thank you so much for your lovely words and for being a part of our Inspiring Women interviews – you truly are an inspiration 💙

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