Out with the old & in with the magic

It’s 2023…woo hoo! It’s always exciting to start a fresh New Year.

At the very beginning of each year, I take time to reflect on the year that was and set intentions for the future. This year I was adamant on setting intentions, not simply goals. How do I want the year to feel?

Reflecting on 2022 and closing its chapter was a beautiful experience. I spent time with my best friend journaling and working through activities together, deeply considering all that 2022 offered us. We acknowledged the individual challenges we faced, our growth, lessons and together celebrated our successes. For me, 2022 was about nurturing the seeds I planted in 2021. 2022 was all about bringing balance back into my life. Cementing my boundaries to ensure I live a life that brings me happiness. A life that allows me to spend adequate time with my children, family and friends. A life where I can prioritise my health and wellbeing. A life where I can blissfully create. A life that is my own.

For many years I’ve been a “yes” for others, putting their needs ahead of my own and seizing every opportunity that would come my way to please others and avoid the deeply uncomfortable feeling of letting people down. It didn’t matter that I was burning out, what mattered was that I was there. I was everything to everyone. I was overwhelmed! In 2021, at my breaking point, I knew I had to make a change and fortunately last year I built on that shift. Setting clear boundaries, tuning into my values and speaking up for my needs has helped me tremendously. I’ve found harmony again and funnily enough everyone I’ve encountered have appreciated these boundaries too. The world did not stop because I said “no.” The world will not stop if you say “no.” I hope you are able to kindly and proactively set boundaries too. There are so many benefits, physically and emotionally.

A highlight of 2022 was travelling. I was able to getaway to the coast with my family on several occasions. My daughter adores the beach! I escaped on a girl’s trip to Noosa with my best friends. I travelled for work to Brisbane and Washington DC. I shared my stories in Sydney. Anyone who knows me well understand how important travel is for me. I love exploring new places, meeting new people and the sense of adventure travel brings. It’s grounding for me. It helps me connect to my core. Each of these trips brought me so much joy.

I’ve started 2023 with some travel too, we spent a week in the gorgeous Hunter Valley. It was another blissful holiday, making me so grateful for family, laughter and good food. I even had the opportunity to write! I am working on a new middle grade story, fine tuning another and there might be a junior fiction on the horizon too. Exciting times ahead.

At this very moment I feel aligned and supported. I am ready for magic, I am ready for more adventures and I am very ready for what 2023 has to offer.

Wishing you all a glorious year ahead.


Here is a little exercise to help you reflect on the past year and set creative intentions for the year ahead


Had a wonderful time @bookfairaus 📚 So lovely to connect with readers, writers & creatives. Thank you to everyone who came & said hello 😊
Loved spending time with dear author friends @sandrabennettauthor and @karen_hendriks_author too 💕

Lots of fun & laughter at the re-launch of ACT Writers – MARION 🌟So excited for this new chapter📚 Huge congratulations to the @marionwriters team on creating an inclusive & inspiring community 📝👩🏽‍💻Check out the fabulous Writers Gin too – a tasty collaboration from @marionwriters and Ladbroken Distilling Co.

Over the moon to make the Just Write For Kids Pitch It competition longlist 🌟😊 Thank you to the Just Write For Kids team & to all the judges. Congratulations to all those on the list – so exciting.

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