I love celebrating my birthday. I love turning another year older and hopefully becoming a little wiser. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, July is a month filled with birthdays. Both my dad and I share our birthdays in July along with a number of my friends.

Although I enjoy all the festivities a birthday brings, I am not one for a lot of attention and hoopla (surprise, surprise). My favourite birthdays are the ones spent in the presence of only my close friends and family. 

This year, I got my birthday wish and had a very low-key day. It has been a challenging few months battling sleep deprivation with a newborn. All I wanted this birthday was to have a day to myself. A day to unwind, relax and focus inward. Unfortunately, motherhood can be quite unpredictable and my plans were derailed at the very last minute. Despite not going to plan, I still had a fabulous day. I was able to meet one of my dearest friends for afternoon tea and indulge in cake and girl talk before returning home to my parents, husband and children and indulging in even more cake!   

Birthdays can at times get a bad rap. I know many people who try and run away from their birthdays, but I run towards it. For me, my birthday provides an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and consider how I have evolved. It’s a time to ponder my growth. It’s a time to get excited for what is to come. It’s a time of great gratitude, to be able to celebrate my existence and be with those I cherish. I give thanks for those who I have met, those who are in my life, those who will continue on this journey with me.

Having children has made me delight in birthdays even more. I love seeing my daughters joy when she receives an invitation to one of her friend’s birthdays. I love watching her face light up when we gather around a birthday cake. Birthdays bring so much happiness to little ones.     

Although my birthday was rather modest this year, in true birthday style, it did conjure some magic.  A few days before my special day I was told by my publisher that Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa was shortlisted for the 2019 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards. I was blown-away to hear this wonderful news. To have both Charlie’s Adventures…books acknowledged by Speech Pathology Australia is humbling. When I started this journey, one of the wishes I made was to have one of my books shortlisted for this particular award. The shortlist for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards is always filled with authors I admire and to be placed on a list alongside them is a dream come true.  I never ever expected it to happen and I am beyond grateful it has (not once but twice).

Simple or lavish it really doesn’t matter, birthdays will always sparkle, and I can’t wait to celebrate another one next year!  


Magic 💫 Woke up to some wonderful news! Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa has been shortlisted for the 2019 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards. It’s a true honour to make this incredible list. 🎈

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