Goodbye to the old, hello to the new

Yay it’s 2021! I have had such a lovely start to the New Year and I hope you all have too.

January was a time for setting clear intentions for the brand new year ahead. I felt an instant shift in energy. I was overcome with optimism, tranquility and hope. At the beginning of the month, I spent a significant amount of time focusing on my goals, dreams and desires. I set out to define exactly what I wanted to achieve and where I intended to focus my attention. 

Working on my goals, what I found the most interesting was how much I had changed over the years. Sometime ago I wrote down ten targets that I wanted to achieve in the future (my lifetime goals), these goals were what I thought I was working towards in the background each year. They were the pinnacle to my yearly goals. However, when I looked back on this list, I soon realised that I had outgrown most of what I wanted to achieve. These goals didn’t serve me anymore, they didn’t sit right with me. My circumstances and priorities had changed so drastically that they were no longer my desires. I was stunned when I discovered that what I thought I always wanted, wasn’t so. I was saddened to say goodbye to some of these goals, as at a point in time they were exciting to me, but I also felt liberated witnessing my transformation and knowing there was a greater journey ahead. It was freeing to come to the realisation that it’s okay to learn, to grow and to want your life to be more unconventional than what you previously thought was possible. After all we only get one shot at this life, we may as well make it memorable!   

During January I also picked a key word for the year, a word that resonated with what I wanted to improve upon and what I wanted to bring more of into my life. It would be my guiding principle for 2021. I do this every year and this year my key word came forth so strongly that I embraced it whole heartedly from the very 1st of January. Over the course of the month, I also thought about my core values. This was something I hadn’t done in a very long time. Distinguishing my core vales and linking them with my goals gave me so much more certainty on what I wanted to achieve and why it was important to me. So often we chose the path that others think we should, thinking about my core values brought me back to what I really wanted to do with my life. My own personal desires. The core values exercise helped me to reconnect with my childhood, taking me back to what brought me the greatest joys growing up. It shed light on who I really am and what I truly stand for. Meditating and reflecting on my younger years has given me inspiration and a freedom to live more authentically this year.     

February was a month of embedding my goals and setting routines to get closer to them each and every day. I used my key word to design habits that helped me to live in greater joy and alignment. I also felt a compulsion to write again! I wrote three new stories in the space of a few weeks. It was so exciting to see new stories take shape and to linger in a state of bliss as I wrote them. My writing has always been deeply personal. It brings me immense delight and I’ve always enjoyed the process. The past month, I reconnected with that pure state of happiness and I hope to continue to do this as the year goes on – no pressure, no expectations just sheer playful, enjoyment, just for me and those incredible people who believe in me.

Finally, I’m sorry for not being more present on social media lately. I do often share to my ‘stories’ but I’ve neglected to put up recent posts. Please know that I’m busy creating and needed some down time. I will try my best to share more.


Overjoyed to hear this fabulous news! 🎉The Goulburn Mulwaree Library Mighty Playwrights Project received an Australia Day Award 🌟

A huge congratulations to all those involved in this incredible project, particularly the Goulburn Mulwaree Library, The Lieder Theatre, Greg Angus & the amazing young playwrights! How exciting 💕


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