It’s time…

July is a month of balloons, cake and candles in our house. Both my dad and I share our birthdays in July and several of my friends do too.

A month of celebration!

This month also saw Charlie arrive at my door. Being able to hold my second book in my hands was such a thrill. I couldn’t believe it. Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa was ready to enter the world. With his entrance came an overwhelming feeling. It was time…time to promote. I knew I had to put myself out there again. Charlie and I had to embark on our next tour.

Promotion does not come naturally to me. The introvert I am quivers at thought. However, the more that I have been learning about being an author, I have come to realise that marketing and promotion is an important part of the gig.

One of the best parts of promoting a new book is sharing it with your readers. Having the opportunity to share a new story with your audience is magical. Seeing their reactions makes the whole nerve-wracking experience worthwhile.

I had written Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa for my South African family and friends. I couldn’t wait to have them read it. Fortunately, my husband was just about to jet off to South Africa to visit his family. Charlie had arrived just in time to board the plane with him to Johannesburg.

Whilst my husband started delivering my books to various friends and family, I began to gather photos and letters from those who had received a copy of the book. The moment of truth. I was amazed by the kind feedback that filtered through. Being sent photos of our friends reading the book to their Children, made me so happy. It was wonderful to know that those who I had written the book for were enjoying the story. Another moment to celebrate.

Next month, I will be heading to Los Angeles and Hawaii to further promote my books. I am so grateful to have received the 2017 Anne Edgeworth Fellowship from the ACT Writers Centre that is enabling me to travel. I can’t wait to connect with my readers in the United States and meet those who I have formed a friendship with through Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii.

Although promotion is out of my comfort zone, I know it is necessary and without it my stories would be lost. I am looking forward to the next few months of being surrounded by my readers and celebrating the next of Charlie’s Adventures… with them.


Had such a lovely evening! Thank you to the Children’s Book Council of Australia ACT Branch for inviting me to speak at the Romancing the stars event. It was so nice to hear the journey of other authors in the Canberra community 🌟

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