Just say yes!

When it comes to my writing I have done my very best to seize every opportunity that presents itself to me, even if the opportunity is so far out of my comfort zone. Embracing these moments have led to other opportunities and have paved the way on my author path. Although I still find myself battling fear, I have trained myself to boldly say yes to an opportunity first and then deal with the consequence of my fear later. This technique has served me well, it has helped me push fear aside as the mere thought of disappointing someone if I don’t stick to my commitment far outweighs this emotion.

The month of June provided several opportunities for growth and development. The quiet, shy, reserved individual I am had somehow committed to speak at various literary events including the New South Wales (NSW) Kids & YA Festival and the ACT Writers Centre Winter Warmer event. I am beyond grateful for both these opportunities, not only did they take me away from the familiar, but they also opened the door to other possibilities.

Being a member of the ACT Writers Centre has been such a wonderful experience. I am overwhelmed by the incredible support I have gained from this community. Last year, I received the Anne Edgeworth Fellowship for Young Writers from Anne’s family and the Centre. The Fellowship enables young writers to further their education in their chosen field of literature.

Receiving this Fellowship has been such a highlight for me. It has also inspired me to really give back to the literary community. Last month, when I received the email inviting me, as an Anne Edgeworth Fellow, to share a reflection piece at the ACT Writers Centre Winter Warmer event, I instinctively knew I had to do it but I found myself making excuses not to. I adore the quote, feel the fear and do it anyway, so I did just that. I committed to be involved and then shook uncontrollably as I realised what I had got myself into. I was very nervous attending the event and sharing my personal story with adults. As a Children’s author I often find myself in front of young audiences with my book in hand, this was a very different experience. When I began to read my reflection piece and looked out at the vibrant and encouraging community sitting before me, my nerves subsided and I was instantly warmed right up. After speaking, I was so grateful for the kind feedback I received and I found myself making connections with others within the community. Following this event, I received an unexpected phone call for someone I met at the event. This phone call organically unlocked the answer to another opportunity that had been simmering in my mind but I had no idea how to execute.  It was as if the universe was rewarding me for putting myself out there. It was clearing a way for another opportunity. Stay tuned to hear what this may or may not be….

The next event I attended in June was the NSW Kids & YA Festival. This Festival had to have been the most magical Festival I have ever been to and I was very lucky to have been invited to be part of it. I attended the Festival with my very dear friend and fellow author. She was my support crew. As we embarked on our trip to Sydney we knew we were in for a weekend of utter inspiration and we weren’t disappointed. The NSW writing community were electric and incredibly friendly. The extraordinary line-up of speakers at the Kids & YA Festival left us completely motivated. I also was fortunate to meet my publisher at the Festival. Having worked with my publisher for over two years, being able to meet face-to-face was such a thrill. The biggest highlight for me attending the Festival, had to be meeting two rock stars in the industry, Belinda Murrell and Jacqueline Harvey. These two exceptional women were a delight to meet. Not only were they humble and gracious, they went out of their way to welcome us into the community. Belinda and Jacqueline left a profound impact on me and will continue to be two women I will look up to over the course of my journey. Attending the Festival and sharing my story as a Festival speaker, unlocked the door to another beautiful community, another avenue of help and support.

The month of June has reminded me to continue to say yes! To continue to seize opportunities, not letting moments pass me by. You never know where a simple ‘yes’ may take you.


A lovely way to spend a cold winter night  Thank you to the ACT Writers Centre for inviting me to share my story & for hosting such an enjoyable & inspiring evening full of “First Times”

A magical weekend at the New South Wales Writers’ Centre Kids & YA Festival! A delight to meet two very inspiring & generous superstars Jacqueline Harvey & Belinda Murrell. A huge thank you to Belinda for inviting me to share my story as part of the Festival & Writing NSW for hosting this incredible event. Beaming from such a joyous weekend meeting such lovely writers from the NSW community. Thank you to Kerry Malone for joining me on this adventure & Little Steps Publishing for coming along to support me 🌟💫 #KYAFest18

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