Let your heart be light

The end of the year is finally here and I cannot be more happy! 2021 has been a difficult year, probably one of the hardest I have faced. It has been a year of constant lessons, battles and growth. This year forced me to neglect my creativity (unfortunately there was no room to write or engage with my creative community), I found myself swept up in learning some tough lessons and was faced with unexpected challenge after unexpected challenge. There was very little bouts of smooth sailing.   

Despite the unease of 2021, I am grateful for the lessons I was compelled to learn. I feel these lessons have somehow made me stronger (ever the optimist). I now know the importance of setting boundaries, that kindness is not a weakness but a great strength and the significance of speaking up (despite my quiet nature) and sharing your truth especially when you may find yourself/others being mistreated.  

I chose to spend November and December in the company of those I cherish dearly, my beautiful friends and family. We celebrated, we travelled (to the Blue Mountains one of our family favourites) and we ate! I chose to embark on 31 days of creativity in December to attempt to reinstate my creative practice in the lead up to the New Year. I wrote, drew, danced, cooked and played!

One of the biggest highlights I had in 2021 was finding dance again. I have danced for as long as I can remember – from Irish dancing to hip hop. After having my daughter about seven years ago I stopped. There were many reasons I never got back into it, mostly because I couldn’t find my tribe – I couldn’t find my dance family. Lucky for me this year, another beautiful friend of mine encouraged me to join the mothers’ dance group at my daughter’s dance school. There I found myself falling in love with dance all over again. Each week, I looked forward to spending time with an amazing group of women and an inspiring teacher who made each class all about FUN! We laughed, we created, we moved. In December, I shared a joyous day with my daughter and new friends/fellow dance mamas, I went back on stage at the end of year concert – it was exhilarating, terrifying and FUN. I can’t believe we did it!   

As 2021 comes to an end, I can’t help but look forward to 2022. I feel hopeful. I intend to bring balance back into my life in the New Year. I intend to spend more time living my bliss surrounded by those I adore – creating, playing and laughing. Here’s to a fun 2022 – Let your heart be light this New Year.


Thank you ACT Writers for including Aussie Kids Meet Matilda at the Festival on the ‘Focus On’ kids list 💜

Getaway to one of our favourite places – The Blue Mountains


31 Days of Creativity

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