Making space for my creative ventures is a priority for me this year. As mentioned in my previous blog post, 2021 was a challenging year and it unfortunately pulled me away from my creative projects. During January and February I found my way back to writing, drawing and dancing again and gosh was it uplifting!

When I am creating, I am at my happiest. Writing is a deep passion and when I don’t have the opportunity to write it can be stifling. It’s like I don’t have air. Being creative is fundamental to my wellbeing and sharing my love of creativity with others is just as important.

January was a month of setting good habits. I made sure I did more of what I love. I read, wrote, participated in online workshops, took more walks, connected with friends and with family.

I attended insightful workshops (writing & goal setting related) by @_kristinakarlsson@savannah.gilbo@emma.dhesi & @marieforleo

I spent time re-reading some of my favourite books including those by Paulo Coelho & C.S. Lewis.

Setting better habits and developing a routine that prioritises my needs, enabling me to fill my cup so I can better serve others, has been a game changer. I encourage you to do the same, even dedicating a few minutes each day to care for yourself can make all the difference.

February was a month of embedding my habits and spending time with my community. I had a number of writerly catch ups with fellow authors and editors. I collaborated with the ACT Writers Centre, sharing in the excitement of what they have planned for 2022 and identifying opportunities to better support writers in Canberra and surrounding areas.

And, most importantly, I began to actively write again…I created space to create…woo hoo!

As a mother with a demanding day job it can be difficult to juggle it all but it is critical to allow time for the flow of creativity, especially if you are someone like me. When you feel the inkling to create – do so. It’s time to carve out the space and consistently show up for what lights you up.


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