Market Vibes

It’s November! The end of the year is nearly upon us and so to is the festive season.

With Christmas around the corner, Christmas markets are a plenty. Since I had spent most of October somewhat of a recluse I decided to commit to participating at a few very special Christmas markets.

I do enjoy being involved in markets. Markets are always vibrant, filled with colour, music, chatter and scrumptious food. You meet the most amazing people, whether they be stallholders or market-goers.    

This month, I had the opportunity to partake in a school fete. The opportunity came up from attending another market back in  July. I met a lovely lady who purchased the Charlie’s Adventures… books to give her grandsons at Christmas. She reached out to me after reading both books and kindly asked if I would be willing to assist her local school. I was thrilled to be invited into another school community. Being part of the school fete was a highlight. Everyone was so welcoming and the energy from the children, parents and friends wandering around the stalls left me joyful.

Following the school fete, I prepared myself for another Christmas market. I returned to my very first market. When Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii was released back in 2016, I had heard about a local market which only took place thrice a year. As I am such an introvert I thought this market would suit me. It wasn’t one of the large scale markets that happen in Canberra, rather a market that focused mostly on community. I was so excited to be going back there this year. As I manned my stall I was elated when I saw old friends walk past. Hearing about their adventures over the past few years and having them genuinely show their support for both myself and Charlie was overwhelming. I also met some charming market-goers who again, gave me a glimpse into their lives. That’s the beauty of markets, you learn about those in your community as you exchange apiece of yourself with them.

Although markets can be rather daunting for the introvert I am, I do adore them. Markets have a unique vibe. The connections you make are astounding. Whether you are a stallholder sharing what sets your soul on fire, or whether you are strolling around various booths looking for gifts or knickknacks, you just never know who you may meet and what may come from a chance encounter.   


School Fete’s are so much fun! Thank you to the beautiful school community for inviting me to be part of such a fun-filled Fete!

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