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I am often reminded by friends and family that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Despite their constant reminder you will often find me buried in to-do lists and running from one appointment to the next as I try to be everything to everyone, including myself. I am guilty of over committing and over exerting myself, over and over again.

The past few years have pulled me in various directions, most (if not all) of which I am very grateful for. I love evolving, growing and learning. Ever since meeting my very adventurous husband he has encouraged me to live each day completely and wholeheartedly. With this enthusiastic and determined outlook, I have been striving and hustling to reach for my goals and be the very best version of myself. Somewhere in my pursuit I had got carried away and was taking my husband’s motivating words to the extreme.

The month of May called into question my frantic lifestyle. I hadn’t been refuelling my energy and my constant running around was taking its toll. I finally crashed. On a well needed check up with my doctor (I often neglect doctor’s appointments until they become more than necessary), I found my health wasn’t at its best and I instantly knew what I had to do. I needed to reprioritise my to-do list and put myself back on top.

For one month, I decided to give back to my mind, body and spirit. Looking inward and restoring the essence of what makes me who I am has helped me accomplish much more than I had been running on empty. Living a healthy, mindful and balanced life has provided me with more clarity and energy to make productive and thoughtful strides towards my goals.

During the month, I was fortunate to travel to Melbourne for my second KidLitVic conference. Last year, I was overprepared for the event, this year, I decided to go with the flow (I had no choice my health was encouraging me to keep calm). My sole desire for attending the conference was to learn as much as I possibly could. The conference delivered in abundance! I thought I would spend most of the conference alone, but instead I was welcomed by other authors, illustrators and publishers within the community and found myself making new friends. I had to pinch myself when meeting some creatives and industry professionals who I admire so dearly. By being able to calmly and completely immerse myself in the conference I was able to acquire the skills and knowledge I needed to keep honing my craft and continue on my writing journey.

Dedicating a month to rejuvenation has been the most worthwhile experience. I highly recommend it! The month of May has left me feeling at my best. My health has improved dramatically, I feel that I am on the right path and I am even more committed to working hard in order to achieve my dreams. Reassessing my priorities has helped me connect more deeply with my husbands words of wisdom (yes, I have called him wise…hopefully he won’t read this), nurturing your mind, body and spirit is essential to living wholeheartedly. As we move to the month of June, I am looking forward to keeping in this clear energy. My cup is full again.


The big reveal! ⭐️ Thrilled to share the cover and some illustrations from Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa! Thank you to the team at Little Steps Publishing & Sophie Norsa for bringing Charlie’s next adventure to life 🌈

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Had a wonderful time at Kidlitvic. Thank you to the incredible team (Alison Reynolds, Coral Vass, Nicky Johnston & Jacquelyn Muller) for organising such a special event. #KidLitVic2018



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