I have always felt connected to the month of May. There is something about this month that fills me with happiness and hope.

My husband and I got married in May. We chose the month as one of our favourite seasons is autumn. Canberra is truly spectacular in autumn. Our wedding was a reflection of our fondness for the season. Our wedding cake, invitations and flowers all carried a vibrant autumn theme.

In May we also celebrate Mother’s Day, one of my favourite days. Growing up (and even now) I would get so excited to shower my mum with handmade cards, flowers picked from the garden (her garden not mine –  I don’t have a green thumb whatsoever), breakfast in bed and all the other Mother’s Day trimmings you could imagine. In 2014, I became a mother, welcoming into the world a dynamo little girl. From the time I had my daughter I gained a greater understanding of the joys and the challenges of parenthood. Celebrating my first Mother’s Day with her was incredibly moving. 

Fast-forward five precious years and the month of May shone for us once again. On 2 May 2019, my family rejoiced in the birth of our son. As soon as I held him in my hands I felt his magical presence. Just like my daughter did, my son stole my heart.

I feel so blessed to be a mother again. From the moment both my children were born I felt a profound shift within me. They honestly fill me with a deeper zest for life. I am overwhelmed by the love and admiration I have for them. They make me want to live my best life, I want to inspire them, I want to be an example to them – chasing my dreams, showing them that anything is possible and always being the finest version of myself.

My children are my biggest teachers. In the short time they have been on this earth they have already taught me so very much. I am extremely grateful to them for showing me what I am capable of, what I need to know, what I need to understand and how life is truly the most exquisite gift which should be treasured always.

My children have bought me many magical moments. I feel their presence in my life has opened doors, especially in regards to pursuing my dream of becoming an author. When my daughter was born, her early journey gave me the shove I needed to put pen to paper and take the first step on the path towards writing my first book. From that moment on, my daughter has become my biggest cheerleader and continues to propel me forward in the pursuit of my big, audacious goals. Similarly, when I fell pregnant with my son, I knew there was magic growing inside me and I knew he would fill my life with more remarkable moments. Motherhood is the most amazing ride!

The magic of this May continued right up to the last few days, I signed my first contract with Penguin Random House Australia! A HUGE dream of mine came true! It honestly is probably one of the BIGGEST dreams I have had and held for MANY years. I will dedicate a blog post to this soon but for now it is time to return to my babies. 


We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our son. Welcome to the world little one.

The most magical moment ✨ I am beyond grateful to be working with the incredible team at Penguin Kids Australia on an upcoming title! Dreams really do come true! 💫

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