New Tribe, New Vibe

At my talks and workshops you’ll often hear me say how important it is to find your tribe. I have been fortunate to meet some incredible individuals on my writing journey who have aided me in pursuing my dreams. Over the past few years, I have been involved in many writing communities. Being around like-minded individuals has been critical to helping me reach my goal of becoming an author. Learning from those who have gone before me, those who are industry experts and those who are walking at the same pace as I am, has been essential in equipping me to move forward on my path.

Although it is important to seek out a tribe that can assist you directly in achieving your objectives (for example, if you want to be an author, join writing groups), it can equally be important to find a tribe that presents you with a different perspective. In November, I was lucky enough to find a new tribe that has encouraged me to dream even bigger.

The past month I immersed myself in all things business. I started the month by heading to Sydney with one of my dearest author friends (a member of my original tribe) to see Marie Forleo. If you haven’t heard of this ‘multi-passionate entrepreneur’ I highly recommend you look her up. Marie has been a source of inspiration for me for many years. I gained so much from hearing her view on life, play and business. Her phrase “everything is figureoutable” now rings in my ears whenever I encounter a challenge.

Attending Marie’s talk also introduced me to an exceptional network of women who belong to a fabulous community called Business Chicks. Socialising with such a wide ranging group of female disrupters ignited my goals for the future. While being an author has always been my biggest aspiration, over the past few months I have had many ideas swirling around my head to be of more service to those around me. I want to use the platform I have to give back. I want to help others realise their own desires. In the New Year I hope to offer a number of services to support this mission, both through the newly established Story Creators Community and my personal ventures.

Spending time with other entrepreneurs from varying fields exposed me to a new tribe. Although we don’t share an identical ambition of writing books, we do share a common interest of assisting others through our endeavours. Joining a new tribe has been truly fruitful.  Not only am I seeing things from a fresh perspective but I feel my confidence growing. Having the backing of such a nurturing community has left me itching to put my plans into action. One of the issues I struggle with is overthinking and doubting myself. I always stumble right out of the gate. My hopes and wishes crumble from my lack of self-belief. These insecurities have diminished after finding my new tribe this month. I feel I am being uplifted by another support system.  

Leaving familiar communities and connecting with those who have differing desires to mine has helped me expand my own vision. Being with those who are anything but conventional in their outlook to business, has helped me grow.  As the end of the year looms I intend on doing more of the same, plunging into new groups. I will be spending my December regrouping the year that was and setting goals for the year to come. I am so thankful I now have found a couple of tribes that are propelling me forward and forcing me to rethink playing small. I am excited for new beginnings, new friends and new vibes.


Had a fabulous evening hearing from ‘multi-passionate entrepreneur’ @marieforleo. Thank you to @businesschicks for hosting such an inspiring event & Kerry Malone for sharing the evening with me 💫🙌#marieforleo #businesschicks #deroseahernstories #storycreatorscommunity #dreambig #everythingisfigureoutable

Had a wonderful time getting to know some lovely aspiring creatives at our last Story Creators Community event for the year! Can’t wait for all we have planned for 2020 ⭐️ A huge thank you to the fabulous Story Creators Community team! 💫

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  • Nicole Georgiou

    I just love this Jacqui! We learn important life lessons, who we are, and our strengths when we share ourselves with our tribes.

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