Looking Back

December is one of my favourite months of the year. I love the closure that the month brings. Aside from getting ready for the festive season, I spent most of this month reflecting on the year, and in this case, the decade that was. During December, I dedicated a substantial amount of time to goal setting and regrouping. I took stock of what I had achieved so far on my journey and what I still needed to learn.

2019 was a big year! We welcomed a new being into our family, I found myself working on a very exciting project with my absolute dream publisher, Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards and I formed the Story
Creators Community with a group of talented friends and creatives.

This year was all about sharing and being of service. I had the pleasure of coaching a number of aspiring creatives, guiding them as they began their own ventures. Being a mentor or coach was one of the highlights of my year. I adore being able to help others, especially in bringing their dreams to fruition. Having the chance to be a mentor or coach is such a gift and I hope to do more of it in 2020.

The past year I was also fortunate to be involved in some incredible festivals, including appearing for the third time at the Canberra Writers Festival. I facilitated a number of workshops in 2019 too. Thanks to the fabulous ACT Writers Centre, I facilitated creative writing sessions at the National Museum of Australia and at my local library as part of the Write Stuff program.

As I pondered the past year, I decided to add a number of additional services to my website, focusing on all that brought me joy the past year and what I wish to continue in the New Year. I will now be offering further mentoring opportunities for aspiring creatives in 2020. I have also added an
assessment service, this will give me the opportunity to review any manuscripts developed by aspiring writers. I have added a new page to my website too, the ‘Free Goodies’ page will host printables that may be of use to those embarking on their creative journey.

In 2020, I want to be able to assist as many people as I can to live a creative life. I want to be able to encourage others to follow their hearts and go after their goals. This is now my personal mission.

Stepping into a new decade is tremendously exciting. I am hopeful for what is to come. It’s time to feel the fear and do it anyway. It’s time to dream bigger and stop playing small. Most importantly, it’s time to have more FUN! Let our next adventure begin….


A snazzy night at the @actwriters Publishing Awards 🌟 Congratulations to all the winners & those who entered. I was delighted to be invited to be a judge this year.

Loved being able to give back & share my knowledge with others – especially during the Christmas season. I hope those I mentored this month are inspired to follow their dreams.

Merry Christmas from the Story Creators Community 🎄 We’ve made some exciting plans for 2020. Stay tuned to learn how we can help you in reaching your creative goals 🌟

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