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I did it again! Got swept up writing my stories and neglected my blog. I’m so sorry. 

I regularly share on my social media accounts, so I invite you to take a look there if you haven’t already. I’m more reliable there. Again, I’m sorry. 

It’s been an incredible start to 2024. We spent most of the festive season in Sri Lanka visiting family we hadn’t been able to see in years. It was such a magical trip. We travelled across the country visiting turtle sanctuaries, beaches, and stunning tea estates on our way. It was the perfect start to 2024. Although I’ve spent most of my life in Australia it can still be a very grounding experience returning to Sri Lanka where I was born and being immersed in the vibrant culture. 

Returning home, I felt so inspired, I was filled with so much enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to start writing again. But just as I sat down at my computer my old friend self-doubt decided to greet me. I thought I was done with him – he is so 2023 When I wrote my first Charlie’s Adventures… book I didn’t know the “rules” I wrote it completely from my heart and it brought me so much joy seeing it come to life. As you go through the journey of being an author there are moments where you question it all. You question your writing style, you question the merit of your story, you question the characters coming to you, you question your worth, you question your work. Will someone like this? Will it make it over the line? Or are you just going to fail – be rejected? But authors are also very resilient beings, we rally together, share our experiences, the highs and the lows and we keep going! So, I took a deep breath, reached out to my writing community, and pushed through. 

When I was in Sri Lanka I was struck by inspiration, and I so clearly heard my calling. The fundamental truth is I light up when I’m writing. I just love it! I love writing stories, I love sharing my stories with others, I love the writing process, I love learning and growing as a writer, I love being involved in how books are produced, I love reading, I love sharing the joy of reading with others, I love encouraging others to write their own stories. It’s all a big part of me and what I feel called to do. I made a commitment to myself in Sri Lanka too, this year I intend on being brave with my writing. I have promised myself to take more chances, to knock on all the doors. Will one open? I guess I will have to wait and see but it’s definitely time to muster the courage to put more of myself (and my writing) out there. I’ve been struggling with self-doubt and as I’m a recovering people pleaser, I often don’t want to ask others for help, I don’t want to seem imposing. But if you are chasing your dreams you do need to ask for help and you do need to put your work out there for people to see. How else will your dream come to fruition? You can’t always push your dreams forward on your own. There are times you need to courageously knock on those doors. You never know when the right one will open & lead you to something great.

With this in mind, in March I took a chance, I got brave & attended a writing bootcamp. My first ever! I chose to work with an editor I knew would push me as a writer. Someone who works at a publishing house that produces some of my favourite contemporary books. I was so nervous going in. Sharing my work in progress with not only an editor but fellow authors I had never really met before. My work in progress was also in a genre I have never really written in before. By the end of the day, I was over the moon with the feedback I was given & the encouragement to keep on writing. I was given such clear direction to keep moving forward & above all I felt myself light up learning and growing. What a day it was! A huge thank you to the editor and my fellow writers who I had the pleasure of working with. You created such a safe and nurturing space; it was exactly what I needed. 

Following the bootcamp I haven’t stopped writing and reading. I’m enjoying every moment I spend in the company of books. I’m doing my homework, stretching myself as a writer by completing more writing courses and reading books by authors who I admire. I am also seeing myself staying true to my own voice and embracing my uniqueness. Something else I’ve grappled with over the years. 

There is so much more excitement on the horizon that I can’t wait to share with you all but for now I’ll leave it there.  

I encourage you all to keep chasing those dreams & keep showing up! Be brave, be strong and when days feel a little off kilter (when self-doubt may emerge) just keep swimming or at least float. 


 🌟 Thank you to the CYA Conference team for the opportunity to deepen my writing. And a huge thank you to my fellow authors who showed their support as I put myself out there.

Spent the festive season in magical Sri Lanka, reuniting with family we haven’t been able to see in years. This trip was truly what we all needed. It was oh so inspiring & oh so uplifting ❤️ My heart is full & I feel so ready for this sparkly New Year ❤️ Wishing you all a year full of joy, laughter & unforgettable memories. Click the link to see some photos from our trip:

Photos from Sri Lanka

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