When inspiration strikes

I’m truly sorry it has taken me this long to post an update. I’ve been meaning to put something out on my blog, but I have been swept up in writing and creating. When inspiration strikes you just have to flow with it. 

I have had to really create space to get my stories on the page. I have been blessed with many ideas over the past few months and I have just needed to carve out time to get them down before they disappear. Have you read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? If not, I highly recommend it. I love her take on how ideas grow.

From picture books to junior fiction, all the way to Young Adult, I have ideas brewing and characters with their own story agendas bursting onto the page. I am so grateful for my writing buddies who continuously let me share my shiny new ideas with them and now hold me accountable to get them all written. Hence my delay in a blog post. I’ve been prioritising my stories.

There have been many shifts the past few months too, especially in my energy. I feel 2023 has really been a grounding year. I have become clearer on who I am as a person and have firmed up my boundaries. I have taken the steps to keep peace in my life. Those who know me understand I am never about the drama (maybe only in stories) and when it comes up, I am now more discerning to step away. My time is better served creating. 

I have also been enjoying spending time with my inner circle. My writing buddies, my dear friends and family. There has been a lot of gatherings the past few months, including the most beautiful and thoughtful wedding. Each guest was given their own tribute by the bride and groom…the wedding flowed with kindness. Definitely what the world needs more of. 

Back to my writing, I have been editing the SIX new books that I have in the works with the fabulous team at Wombat Books. I am so excited to share these stories with you all. And working with the team at Wombat Books has been another pinch me magical moment. 

I have also started to revitalise and rethink the Story Creators Community and my other author offerings particularly to support aspiring creatives and also connect more with schools. I have found as I share my personal story and journey to becoming an author with others the more people have reached out for support and I’m very willing to help where I can. 

Right now, I am getting very excited that Christmas is close! My absolute favourite time of year. I am looking forward to snuggling up with hot chocolate with my kiddos and watching the Santa Clause movies for the hundredth time. Getting in the car in our pyjamas and driving around looking at all the sparkly Christmas lights. Making Christmas cookies. I just love it! I love it all. 

As the end of the year creeps up, I have started to reflect back on 2023. It’s been a beautiful year. A year of learning and unlearning. I promise to do another blog post soon recapping the year that was and leaning into intentions I have set for the year to be. I’m not sure when the post may come up (you know me and this blog) but it will come up. Stay tuned and thank you for being on this journey with me. Please reach out if I can help you! Remember if inspiration strikes you just have to flow with it.


Attending the most beautiful and thoughtful wedding…

Creative Sparks are back 🌟 One idea is to start the week with purpose! 😊

On a Monday I take time to get clear on my intentions for the week. I set myself mini creative goals for each day, which includes working on my stories daily for at least 30 minutes.

I know there might be days where I won’t meet my mini goal (motherhood can sometimes knock you off course and so can your day job and other responsibilities) but being intentional means you could tweak your actions to meet your mini goals by the end of the week – there is flexibility when you’re taking little steps.

If you can today (and feel like it), try to get intentional about your week. Is there one thing you want to accomplish? Is there one little step you could take each day to get you closer to your creative goals? Is there one new habit you could begin by taking daily consistent action?

Wishing you a purposeful week 😊🌟

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So lovely to see the Aussie Kids series longlisted in the Taco Awards! 🥳😃🌮📚

Having a book apart of this series was such a dream come true 🌟 Working with the incredible Penguin Books Australia team & the super talented Tania McCartney who brought Matilda to life through her gorgeous illustrations! Such a thrill 💕

We’ve read each book in the series (over & over again) & we love how unique each story is. We love having Aussie Adventures with the Aussie Kids. We hope you do too 😊

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May be an image of text that says 'A Meet Matilda at the festival Jacqueline de Rose- Ahern & Tania McCartney W'

Never give up 🌟 Next stage of editing the SIX new books I have in the works with the fabulous team at Wombat Books….So exciting & beyond grateful…another pinch me magical moment💕👩🏽‍💻

Never give up on your big audacious dreams. You never know when they are about to come true ✨ Be brave, follow what lights you up & dream BIG!

I can’t wait to share these stories with you 💕


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