As these unusual times continue, I’ve decided to combine my blog posts for May and June.

The month of May was rather stagnant. Not much changed from April to May. Days rolled into weeks, with little variation.

The month did bring reasons to celebrate including Mother’s Day and my son’s first birthday. My husband and I also share our wedding anniversary in May. However, due to the challenges we are all experiencing, the fun-filled festivities we had initially planned for these special days morphed into a low-key family affair, which to be completely honest was rather pleasant. Our lovely friends and extended family called in, using various gadgets and gizmos (Zoom, Skype and FaceTime), to heighten the blissful vibe of each of these occasions.

I seized the stillness of May to work on a number of new stories. From picture books to chapter books, I enjoyed every moment I was able to create. I feel I am growing as an author, trusting my intuition to explore different genres and discovering unconventional ways to develop my stories. 

June, was much of the same. As restrictions started to ease, I found it rather daunting to adapt back to life as it was. It took a lot of courage to go out and about again. The introvert I am really struggled leaving my home bubble. Taking those very first steps out of isolation was hard but now being able to physically see those dearest to me, makes it all worth it. I find myself being more thankful for all I took for granted prior to the lockdown. I am trying to be mindful each and every day. I am making a conscious effort to do more of what fills me with joy (writing, reading, being with my family and friends). I am discerning, taking stock of what really matters.

Entering the years’ half-way mark, I hope that life gets lighter again. It’s been a taxing first-half of 2020 and although it has been demanding, there are many lessons to be learned and I hope we don’t glaze over them. The simplicity of the past few months did bring tranquility. We could all do with more calm, quiet and stillness. When creating I believe those three traits are essential ingredients. I intend on carrying them with me as we close out the year.


Our little man celebrated his first birthday!

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