Ups and Downs

March and April were a whirlwind! In a lot of ways it felt like these two distinct months abruptly ran into each other this year. For that reason, I’ve decided to do a combined blog post covering off on the ups and the downs of what was March and April 2020.

As we entered into the month of March, all seemed rather right in the world. The smoky haze of the bushfires subsided and there were bright days. I was ecstatic to hear that Charlie’s Adventures…in South Africa had become an international award winner. This was another audacious dream that I had set for myself all those years ago when I embarked on my writing adventure. I couldn’t believe it had magically come to life.

In March, I also had the opportunity to share my tips on goal setting at a very special Story Creators Community workshop. Little did I know that the goals we set could be derailed as the rest of the month unfolded.

With little notice, our world was turned upside down. A global crisis unhinged all we had thought normal. I don’t want to go too much into COVID-19, all I want to say is that amidst all its challenges there are pockets of sunshine and a lot we can learn from this experience together.

March ended merging murkily into April. We were in isolation. Our lives had profoundly transformed. Spending more time at home and with our loved ones gave us a chance to stop and take stock of what really mattered. It forced us to consciously think about all we had been taking for granted in our day-to-day lives.

April was a time of seclusion. I couldn’t focus on writing anything new, I was simply tying up loose ends. My creativity took the form of drawing with my daughter and getting lost in mindfully colouring pictures we chose together. Without being able to do much, it felt like I was living my days on repeat. But the funny thing was this stillness seemed so right. The more I connected with those around me I began to realise that solitude is something else we take for granted. Seizing the directive to detach actually helped me conjure up new possibilities. I also found that it had given me and those dear to me a chance for us to be kind and nurture ourselves.

It definitely has been a distinctive year. Who knows what is yet to come on this roller-coaster ride that is 2020. All we can do is hold on tight.      


Look what just arrived from #newyork Honoured to win an International Book Excellence Award. Love seeing the Charlie’s Adventures… books connecting children around the world. So, so grateful 💕 📚🌏

Had a fabulous time sharing my tips on goal setting at our Story Creators Community March event at Gungahlin Library a few weeks ago. If you are an aspiring creative I encourage you to connect with us. We would be delighted to support you on your journey. To join our mailing list email –

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