The gift of learning

I am compelled to learn. I believe our journey through life is all about discovery, acquiring new skills and unearthing a deeper understanding. I have always dedicated myself to the process of lifelong learning and through this new chapter, as I transform into an author (I am cringing as I type the word ‘author’ as I am still ‘learning’ to own up to this new title), I am finding another excuse to devote myself to the realm of learning.

I have always been a curious soul and I find education is the key to quenching my curiosity. After finishing school I went on to complete my bachelors degree and by this time my naïve self, thought I was done with education. I embarked on a wonderful career path where I quickly found myself learning on the job and seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge by learning from my incredible managers and mentors. Fast-forward to now, sipping a glass of wine and rejoicing in the fact that my last exam for the semester is behind me and I am well on my way to completing a Master in International Development. Yes, I went back and I am studying some more!

The past month I made a conscious decision to take some time out and just learn! I needed to refuel and seek inspiration from the endless wisdom around me. I attended conferences, workshops and read a vast array of books, books from my favourite childhood authors (C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl and Morris Gleitzman), to business coaches, to celebrity gurus who for whatever reason I admire (yes, I read Jennifer Lopez’s True Love and Goldie Hawn’s A Lotus Grows in the Mud – Goldie’s for the second time – I adore her and will own up to it).

I was fortunate to bask in the wisdom of some exceptional entrepreneurs at a conference in Sydney. I learnt the joys and woes of business and left buzzing from the energy and the incredible minds in the room with me.

I really found this past month so valuable for not only my aspirations as a writer but for my personal journey as a curious soul. I learnt a great deal but what resonated with me the most was the continuous messages that followed me encouraging me to “listen to my heart and chase it’s beat”, “to do what makes my heart sing”, “nothing is impossible”, “work hard” and to “never give up on my dream”. These five messages were the highlight of my month and I am committed to do as they say. These messages have also added to my desire to continue to learn, they beckon me to live a life full of wonder and advocate once more that learning is a life-long process and one that is truly worthwhile. It is one of the greatest gifts we are given in life (I can see my dad now giving himself a high five and congratulating himself, as he a life-long learner himself, has passed on his wisdom – “she has finally learnt” he thinks).


This month Charlie’s Adventures…in Hawaii was reviewed in Reading Time. Thank you to The Children’s Book Council of Australia and Stephanie Ward for your kind words and for the incredible acknowledgement.

KICK.START.SMART Conference in Sydney



Goulburn Reader Writer Festival

Meeting the inspiring and very entertaining George Ivanoff


Story time with Danielle McDonald. A real treat!



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