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Last year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to try something new each month. I was pretty good at sticking to this resolution until mid-year. By that stage I found myself getting caught up in the day-to-day and my something ‘new’ ended up being watching a different cartoon with my daughter. Through the month of March I found myself being reminded of this resolution that I had set at the start of 2017. Everything I seemed to do in March, every opportunity, every challenge, every aspect of my life kept calling for a reinvention, a need for me to try something new. Even this afternoon whilst watching Cars 3 with my daughter, I found Lightning McQueen delivering the same line…alright I get the hint!

We often go through life on autopilot, we act in a manner that is natural to us, we do what feels comfortable and we exist in the familiar, adhering to the tried and tested formula which is often commended and reinforced by those around you. There is nothing wrong with our autopilot setting, it is our natural state of being, it is what makes us, us. However there are times where we need to try something new, where we need to push our boundaries, stand up for ourselves and uncover another feature of who we actually are.

As a mother, I often urge my daughter to try something new and the month of March insisted I practiced what I preach! The situations I encountered demanded me to be more extroverted, fearless and forthright. Leaving the recognizable version of myself was exhausting but well needed, stepping into something ‘new’ paved the way for new opportunities and experiences to surface, it also unveiled a more courageous part of me (I felt like the lion in the Wizard of Oz).

Switching gears this month has helped me re-think and reinvent my writing path, it has made me focus on my ‘why’ and has ignited ‘new’ audacious ideas. I am more committed than ever to take the steps needed to improve my stories, give back to the writing community and most importantly continue to move my readers, encouraging them to learn more about our world and the exquisite cultures found within it.

Keeping with this ‘new’ theme, I signed off on the final stages of production of the next instalment of Charlie’s Adventures… (we have tried a few ‘new’ things with this book and I am excited to share it with you all soon).

This month, I also returned to the Goulburn Reader Writer Festival where I got to meet and talk authorpreneurship with one of my favourite authors growing up, Hazel Edwards. Being surrounded by such a supportive group of authors at the festival, further motivated me to try ‘new’ avenues on my writing journey. It became clear that not only would trying something new stretch and mould me as an individual in a very positive way but it would also help me indulge my creative side. Additionally, it would allow me to develop my writing and my understanding of the profession (you know how much I love learning).

Going through the month of March, I reflected on the moments where I was required to step up and try something new. Looking back on those moments, I realised they were the ones that truly shaped who I have become. I would have never embarked on the de Rose-Ahern Stories journey had I not switched off autopilot! I know I will soon slip back to what feels comfortable but being conscious of the necessity to ‘try something new’ will continue to spur me on for months and hopefully years ahead. Stay tuned, there are a lot of new adventures to come…


Had such a wonderful day at the Goulburn Reader Writer Festival. Swapping books with the inspiring & generous Hazel Edwards was such a thrill. The little girl inside me who spent many days in the school library reading ‘There’s a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake’ was jumping for joy!

Our date night with Ed Sheeran (the man who started it all – see my first ever blog post!) – Love the courageous lion!

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