February was a joyful month. It revealed to me that I needed to shed my inhibitions, re-evaluate my goals and have fun!

The month began with a trip to Sydney with my best friend. We had the most blissful time. We indulged in decadent meals, reflected on the years we’ve spent together, discussed our motivations for the future, swam, gave ourselves beauty treatments and laughed till our bellies hurt. Our trip to Sydney culminated with seeing Gabrielle Bernstein, a spiritual coach that I have been following for the past few years. Gabby, as most of her fans refer to her, was such a delight. She filled me with light. The event was full of heart. There were about 2000 attendees and each one contributed to the splendour of the day. We meditated as a group, we shared our highs and lows and we reset our energy.

As I mentioned in last month’s blog post, January was a challenging month. After my trip to Sydney I really felt that something within me shifted. I kept seeing signs that I needed to have more fun. Last year, I rarely gave myself permission to be playful. My family was continuously hustling and although there is a place for hustle there is also an essential place for proceeding gently and slowly. This reminder was all I needed to steady my course and bring happiness back to my surrounds.

I returned to work in February too. It was nice to see my old team again and meet new faces. I do enjoy my work but at times, like most of us, I get swept up in the day-to-day grind, striving too hard and putting more on my plate. Having a new joyful attitude made my return all the more gratifying. Each day I am at work, I now make sure I give myself moments to have fun. I find undertaking tasks with positivity helps to yield more fruitful results.     

After starting the month with a deep desire to bring more fun into my life, I felt a weight lift. I am now carrying this theme with me wherever I go. My word for the year has transformed and with it my goals. I am now on the pursuit of having fun. It’s going to be a heavenly year.  


The best girls weekend to end the holidays❤️ Now it’s back to work! 

We had so much fun discussing our goals for this year during our first Story Creators Community event for 2020, that we forgot to take a photo. What are your goals this year? Do you need help? We will be meeting again next month, Sunday 8th March at Gungahlin Library. Come along and join in the fun!

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