Light in the dark

The start of a new year is always exciting. It presents infinite possibilities. This year, my excitement was heightened as it was also the start of a new decade. I had spent most of December planning on a fabulous beginning to 2020. I had my goals mapped out and my energy was clear. I was ready to hit the ground running – 2020 will be the best year yet!

Unfortunately, the universe had other plans. My big dreams were clouded by thick grey smog. Bushfires were wreaking havoc all over our beautiful country. My heart was breaking over the news of people losing their homes. I cried endlessly over our wildlife struggling to survive. Everywhere I turned there was tragedy and depression. I could not see over the haze of angst and misery.

I pride myself on being a positive person. I do my best to cast light even at the darkest of times but January was crippling for me. I was filled with worry for my children, my family, my friends and my country. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t connect. I was just going through the motions of day-to-day life and hoping for change.

Canberra has been my home for many, many years. It’s a beautiful place to live. I love everything about it, especially it’s fresh air and open spaces. I have never seen Canberra suffer as much as it did in January. The air was toxic. You couldn’t leave your home. Dark clouds filled our sky. It was horrific to watch.

Fortunately, my family was lucky and able to escape for a couple of weeks as we had planned a family holiday to Tasmania. We needed this trip more than we knew. We were able to laugh. We were able to find joy again. My body and mind were refreshed. We spent our time relishing in each other’s company. We cherished every moment we shared together. Coming home, I felt the clouds lift and glimmers of hope reappear. The skies were blue again.

As January came to an end, I was able to shift my perspective of what we as a country had all gone through. Even though we faced a significant challenge, the bushfires revealed our community spirit. We did our best to help one another. We did our best to support our incredible wildlife. We came together when it mattered and it has brought us all closer together. My gratitude intensified. I couldn’t be more grateful for the little things we often take for granted, like a roof over our heads and clean air. With this new found appreciation, I am looking forward to the months to come. It can only go up from here.


Another month of mentoring 💫Love being able to encourage others on their creative journey & bring ideas to life 💛

I’ve included details on coaching & additional author services on the website.

A time for rest and recovery after a challenging month. Our thoughts were with all those who had been affected by the bushfires. We send love to our dear friends ❤️

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